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employee appreciation

7 Ideas to Show Employee Appreciation

Share This: Employee appreciation is an important step to keeping and maintaining your current staff. Furthermore, when you continuously show your appreciation, employees are more engaged.  Find Out What Your Employees Want Do you know what your employees want? Consider surveying them to find out. When you can deliver on[…]

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Announcing New Features for ezClocker

Share This: Please note that all features mentioned below are available to all of our customers regardless what subscription package they are on. 1. Breaks and Auto-Breaks On the account page of the ezclocker website in the preferences sections you will find 2 new options: IMPORTANT NOTE: These 2 options[…]

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employee record requirements

How to Comply with Employee Record Requirements

Share This: Knowing what employee records to keep can be confusing. There are federal, state, and local requirements. If your business is a government contractor, you may have additional employee records you have to keep.  How Long Do Employers Keep Employee Records? After termination, the length of time employee records[…]

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