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Mary Cook Aims for Big Goals with ezClocker

Share This: Business: Chef in My Kitchen, Untamed Chef Location: Chesapeake, Virginia Interesting Fact about Mary Cook: She has five children.  Interesting Fact about Untamed Chef: Mary’s maiden name is Tame, which is how she came up with the name for her second business.  Mary Cook started a culinary business after she was laid[…]

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small business marketing

7 Cost-Effective Small Business Marketing Strategies

Share This: There are several budget-friendly small business marketing approaches you can use.  Here are some low-cost marketing tactics for your small business: 1.    Define Your Target Audience Before you start your small business marketing plan, define your target audience. Start by analyzing demographics. What is their age, location, and gender?[…]

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Chance Clifton

Chance Clifton Uses ezClocker to Provide a Better Customer Experience

Share This: Business: Space Walk Inflatables Location: Little Rock, Arkansas Interesting Fact about Chance Clifton: He enjoys going on cruises. Saint Kitts and Barbados have been his favorite cruise destinations so far.  Interesting Fact about Space Walk Inflatables: Chance owns the state’s largest branch of the Space Walk Inflatables franchise, and the fourth largest[…]

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how to cut cost for small business

13 Ways to Cut Costs for Your Small Business

Share This: You may be researching methods to cut costs for your small business. Maybe your business isn’t getting the sales you projected or maybe the customer needs are changing. Whatever your reasons, cutting costs will solve many issues. Think about ways to reduce your startup costs and expenses. What have you[…]

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How To Reduce Employee Turnover?

Share This: Employee turnover can be a big issue for your small business, and it can be costly. There are many reasons for high turnover and many of these are preventable.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in 2022: There were 77.2 million hires, an increase of 1.2 million[…]

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Employee Accountability

How to Improve Employee Accountability

Share This: Employee Accountability is crucial for the success of any small business. If your staff is working on a project and they have no accountability, then your small business can suffer.  82% of managers acknowledge they have ”limited to no” ability to hold others accountable successfully. 91% of employees would[…]

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