Case Studies


Mary Cook Aims for Big Goals with ezClocker

Share This: Business: Chef in My Kitchen, Untamed Chef Location: Chesapeake, Virginia Interesting Fact about Mary Cook: She has five children.  Interesting Fact about Untamed Chef: Mary’s maiden name is Tame, which is how she came up with the name for her second business.  Mary Cook started a culinary business after she was laid[…]

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cleaning service time clock

Lauren Poole Dreams Big with ezClocker

Share This: Business: Pristine Property Services Location: Myrtle Beach Interesting Fact about Pristine Property Services: A lot of the employees are moms looking for extra income while their kids are at school. Interesting Fact about Lauren Poole: She worked in sales and advertising for 20 years before opening her cleaning business.   After cleaning a[…]

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Chance Clifton

Chance Clifton Uses ezClocker to Provide a Better Customer Experience

Share This: Business: Space Walk Inflatables Location: Little Rock, Arkansas Interesting Fact about Chance Clifton: He enjoys going on cruises. Saint Kitts and Barbados have been his favorite cruise destinations so far.  Interesting Fact about Space Walk Inflatables: Chance owns the state’s largest branch of the Space Walk Inflatables franchise, and the fourth largest[…]

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animal farms time tracking app

Marla Riley Cares for Rescued Animals with the Help of ezClocker

Share This: Organization: The Riley Farm Rescue Location: Canterbury, CT Interesting fact about The Riley Farm Rescue: The organization has 300 animals in its care, including farm animals, reptiles, and exotic animals.  Interesting fact about Marla Riley: She has a master’s degree in nursing and an MBA.  Animal lover Marla Riley was working as[…]

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Sandro DeSouza Uses ezClocker to Build a One-Stop-Shop Construction Business

Share This: Business: Eagle Vision Construction Location: Attleboro, Massachusetts Interesting Fact about Sandro DeSouza: Before he went into construction, he was a financial services representative in banking. Interesting Fact about Eagle Vision Construction: It is a minority-owned business Sandro DeSouza was working in the banking industry when he decided he wanted a change. His[…]

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ezClocker Helps Matthew Brown Focus on the Big Picture

Share This: Business: Matthew’s Grounds Maintenance Location: Bloomington, IL Interesting Fact about Matthew’s Grounds Maintenance: Matthew purchased the business from his father and has grown it tenfold. Interesting Fact about Matthew Brown: He has been playing hockey since he was eight years old. When Matthew Brown’s dad was ready to retire from the landscaping business[…]

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lawn care time tracking case study

Pete Ciotti Relies on ezClocker to Efficiently Run His Landscaping Business

Share This: Business: Ciotti Yard Maintenance Location: Humboldt County, California Interesting Fact about Pete Ciotti: Before becoming a business owner, Pete was the drummer in a touring rock band called Nucleus. When serial entrepreneur Pete Ciotti sold his nightclub and transitioned into landscaping, he went from using a point-of-sale (POS)[…]

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time tracking app for agriculture

With ezClocker, American Ag Systems Meets the Growing Demands of Customers

Share This: Business: American Agriculture Systems Location: :  Salem, Oregon, with service in Washington & Idaho Interesting Fact about American Ag Systems: It’s a veteran- and family-owned business. For decades, family-run start-up West Coast Companies sold farmers the equipment they need to process, package, and store their products. As the[…]

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