labor cost

What is Labor Cost and How Do You Calculate It?

Share This: When a business sets the sales price of a product or service, it calculates the cost of materials and overhead. These costs are taken into account when determining the price to charge.  It is important to properly calculate your labor cost. You may need to cut some costs[…]

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construction 1099 workers

How to Hire 1099 Workers for Your Construction Business

Share This: A 1099 worker for your construction business is an independent contractor that has more independence and flexibility than someone that works directly for you. They receive an agreed paid amount but do not receive benefits. Below we will discuss the qualities of an independent contractor in more detail.  It is[…]

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starting construction business

How to Start a Construction Business

Share This: After working in construction, you may be thinking about starting your own construction business. Although starting a construction business can be risky, many factors could affect your company’s performance. Construction businesses that have few employees and have been in business less than a year have a higher chance of[…]

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handyman case study

Oscar Jimenez Relies on ezClocker for Accurate Timesheets

Share This: Business: OJ Handyworks Inc.  Location: Frederick, Md.  One Interesting Fact about Oscar Jimenez: Framing is his favorite part of carpentry, and he loves building houses from scratch. One interesting Fact about OJ Handyworks: It has never advertised. All business is word of mouth, starting with Oscar’s original flyer[…]

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Best Construction Time Tracking Apps for 2022

Share This: According to findings from Statista, the American construction industry is on the rise like never before. Good residential market trends are ultimately responsible for the progression and growth of the construction industry.  Due to the current trajectory of the construction industry, awareness of critical information, such as the best[…]

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how to grow construction company

8 Tips to Grow Your Construction Company

Share This: Once you have started your own construction company you may be looking for ideas to help you grow and develop your business.  Here are some recommendations on how to grow your construction company:  1.  Hire Good People At some point, you will want to hire employees to help you grow your[…]

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sitemix time clock app

Dale Henderson Relies on ezClocker for Managing his Concrete Mixing Business

Share This: Business: SiteMix – Concrete Atlanta. On-site concrete mixing. Location: Atlanta, GA. Interesting Fact about SiteMix: Unlike most concrete companies that pre-mix their concrete, SiteMix makes theirs on-site, in their trucks. Interesting Fact about Dale Henderson: He first started working at his family’s concrete business when he was eight[…]

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