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Sandro DeSouza Uses ezClocker to Build a One-Stop-Shop Construction Business

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  • Business: Eagle Vision Construction
  • Location: Attleboro, Massachusetts
  • Interesting Fact about Sandro DeSouza: Before he went into construction, he was a financial services representative in banking.
  • Interesting Fact about Eagle Vision Construction: It is a minority-owned business

Sandro DeSouza was working in the banking industry when he decided he wanted a change. His friend Laerte Vieria owned Eagle Vision Construction, a company that installed vinyl siding. Laerte knew construction, but needed help with running the business. Sandro decided to come on board, and pretty soon he realized that the company needed a new system for time-tracking and scheduling. The existing system was disorganized and often led to payroll discrepancies and employees showing up to the wrong job site. When Sandro discovered ezClocker, he was able to eliminate clock-in discrepancies and quickly and efficiently handle payroll and scheduling, all at a cost that couldn’t be beat. Now, Eagle Vision Construction is setting its sights on the future. The company plans to expand the business’s offerings and service area, all with the help of ezClocker.

From Banking to Business

Back in 2020, Sandro DeSouza was working as a financial services representative in the banking industry. But he didn’t enjoy the monotony of sitting in an office from nine to five every day. He had a friend, Laerte Vieria, who had started a business in the construction industry doing vinyl siding. Laerte had a lot of knowledge about construction but was struggling with running the business. Sandro had a background in business, with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and experience in finance. So, they decided to join forces. Now, Sandro handles the backend as the business operations manager, while Laerte handles landing new jobs. 

Sandro enjoys getting to put his business expertise to use while also getting to be hands-on on the job site and talk to clients. Every day offers different challenges. He handles everything from timesheets to payroll to sourcing materials, drawing up contracts and invoices, site visits, and customer service. He walks through job sites with project managers and homeowners to go over the scope of a job or to discuss how the project looks when it’s completed. “I’m kind of a jack of all trades,” Sandro says. “I keep the business running day-to-day in the background.”

Before Sandro came on board, employees would write their hours down on paper and text each other in a group chat for scheduling. That provided a lot of inefficiency.

Time-Tracking and Scheduling Inefficiencies

Sandro faced organization and time management challenges when he joined the team at Eagle Vision Construction. Before he came on board, employees would write their hours down on paper, and at the end of the week they would text Laerte to cut their payroll checks. That provided a lot of inefficiencies. Employees would forget to write things down or forget to text Laerte with the hours that they worked. Sandro didn’t have one place where he could go and see how many hours everyone worked. “That was a really big challenge coming in,” he says.

Additionally, sometimes the company would be working on multiple projects at the same time. The team would text each other in a group chat to figure out who was going where and how to divide up materials and tools. Sometimes, employees wouldn’t look at the group chat or would misunderstand where they needed to be. “We had people either thinking that they weren’t scheduled to work, or they had to go somewhere else,” Sandro says. “And that was giving me a lot of issues with being able to separate the crews and get them where they need to be.”

Sandro discovered that ezClocker was easy to use. Adding new employees to the system took no more than three to four minutes.

Simple and Affordable

Sandro started doing research on payroll and construction time tracking apps. “The most common offerings were ADP and Gusto,” he says. “And although they provided a really good service, they were very, very expensive.” As a small business that’s trying to expand, cost was a key factor in choosing a solution.

As Sandro was researching, he came across articles that compared payroll and timekeeping solutions. ezClocker was a solution that was featured in several of those articles. He saw that it had the features Eagle Vision Construction needed at a price they could afford. He decided to give it a try.

Sandro discovered that ezClocker was easy to use. Adding new employees to the system took no more than three to four minutes, and employees would get an email inviting them to download the app. “It’s straightforward,” he says. “On my end, it’s easy to add employees. And it’s easy for the employees to use the app.”

Sandro also liked the pricing. “You get a lot for your money, which is perfect for growing businesses,” he says. “The features and pricing are a really good match for our use case and probably for a lot of other small businesses. ezClocker gave us the best bang for our buck.”

We started using the scheduling feature, and we’re super happy with it.”

Scheduling Solutions

Recently, Sandro started using the scheduling feature on ezClocker. He can input addresses and add which employees are going to that location. When he publishes the schedule, the employees get a notification on their phone. This eliminated scheduling confusion. “One of the coolest features is when you put in the address of where the employees are supposed to go, there’s already a link right on the app,” Sandro says. “When you click on it, it opens up Apple Maps, Google Maps, whatever you’re using. And they can navigate right to where they need to be. So it really made it easy for them to know where they’re going, how to get there, and what time they need to get there.”

“And the way the app is laid out is super easy,” Sandro adds. “You just press schedule and press the date and all that information shows up. So that’s one of the reasons we started using the scheduling feature, and we’re super happy with it.”

With the scheduling feature, Sandro can also include notes. He adds things that his crew chief needs to know, like materials to bring and punch-list items. Then the crew chief can see those notes right in the app. 

“ezClocker frees me up to home in on building relationships and making sure that everything is going smoothly on site.”

An All-in-One App for a One-Stop-Shop Business

ezClocker has allowed Eagle Vision Construction to be more accurate with payroll. It’s also given the company’s employees peace of mind knowing where they’re going each day and what they need to do. As a result, it’s made the company more efficient. “I think the most basic function of a business is to be able to pay employees on time and accurately,” Sandro says. “ezClocker has allowed us to do that. It eliminated a lot of headaches and a lot of errors.”

ezClocker’s simple solution to timekeeping and scheduling also saves Sandro more than an hour of time processing payroll at the end of every week. All he has to do is look at his phone or log in at his office, and the hours each employee worked and where they were scheduled to go are all organized in one place. 

The time that he saves on payroll he’s able to devote to focusing on contacting job leads and talking to project managers and homeowners. It also gives him more time to visit job sites to make sure that the quality of work being done meets his and Laerte’s expectations for what their clients deserve. “ezClocker frees me up to home in on building relationships and making sure that everything is going smoothly on site,” Sandro says. 

Building those relationships and doing quality work will help Eagle Vision Construction with its ultimate goal: to be a one-stop shop for a client’s building exterior needs. Sandro and Laerte want to add building framing, roofing, windows, and doors onto their siding business. They’d also like to expand to have crews not just in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, but all over New England. And they know that ezClocker will help them get there.


Author: Rebecca Woltz

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