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ezClocker Allows Jade Joy to Focus on Caring for Clients’ Pets

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  • Business: Austin Pet Stylist
  • Location: Austin, Texas
  • Interesting Fact about Jade Joy: She’s a scuba diver and she volunteers with the Austin Wildlife Rescue.
  • Interesting Fact about Austin Pet Stylist: Jade started her business in her garage with just a few clients and minimal equipment.

Jade Joy left the healthcare industry to start a dog grooming business in Austin. When she needed to find a new time tracking system, a friend recommended ezClocker. She likes that the app is easy to use and affordable, and that it saves her time. This allows her to focus on providing care to the pets that she grooms and building better relationships with her clients, which ensures that they’ll continue to bring their pets to her and refer her services to friends. 

Jade Joy was working as a nurse when she decided she needed a change. Animals were a passion of hers, so she went to grooming school and started her own grooming business.

Giving care – from patients to pets

Jade Joy was working as a nurse in trauma and women’s health when she got frustrated with the healthcare system and decided she needed a change. The hospital where she worked was short-staffed. She wasn’t able to provide the level of care for patients that they deserved. Animals were a passion of hers, so she quit her job and went to grooming school. 

Jade worked for another groomer for awhile, but she soon started her own business. Initially she did house calls. It wasn’t long before she transitioned into her garage, grooming dogs for friends and family with a cheap grooming table and a shop vac with the exhaust turned around to dry the dogs. Business grew quickly through word-of-mouth, positive online reviews, and finding clients through social media. The care and attention that Jade showed each client and each pet was evident in the way she was able to get nervous dogs to relax and enjoy the grooming process.

“One of the things that I enjoyed the most was the bonds that I have with the dogs and the clients,” Jade says. “I decided that I wanted to do things my own way. I wanted to spend a little more time to get to know the clients rather than just cranking dogs in and out. I’ve always just enjoyed being able to earn the trust of the dogs and make them happy,” Jade says. 

Jade Joy, owner of Austin Pet Stylist

Jade’s experience as a nurse also helped her to identify health issues in dogs, like growths that could be cancerous or swelling in joints that could indicate arthritis. Her clients appreciated this knowledge and attention, and they recommended her to friends and family. After two years, Jade’s business had grown to the point that she was able to open a brick-and-mortar salon in south Austin. 

Jade’s time-tracking software was antiquated. She needed a new system, and she wanted something affordable and simple to use.

An outdated system needs an upgrade

As Jade’s business grew, she hired employees to meet demand. To keep track of their hours, she initially used handwritten timecards. 

Later, she started using a software that managed several aspects of her business, from time tracking to inventory. But the software was antiquated, and if an employee forgot to clock in it was a hassle for her to make the adjustment later. So she upgraded to a newer software that managed the other aspects of her business. But it didn’t have a time tracking feature. She needed a new system for time tracking, and she wanted something affordable and simple to use. She also wanted an app that would allow employees to clock in on their own devices.

A friend recommended ezClocker. It was simple and it fit Jade’s budget. “ezClocker was self-explanatory,” she says. “I found the pricing to be very, very reasonable.”

Simple, easy, affordable

Jade downloaded several apps, but they didn’t work for her needs. They were too expensive. They weren’t easy to use. Some apps didn’t offer individual logins for employees, so they would have to log in on a specific device, which was inconvenient. 

Finally, a friend recommended ezClocker. It was simple and it fit Jade’s budget. “I’m not the most technologically minded person,” she says. “ezClocker was self-explanatory. Also, I have to work on a budget being a small business. I found the pricing to be very, very reasonable.”

It also allowed employees to have individual logins and clock in from their phones. This freed Jade up from having to help them clock in. “The less time I have to spend dealing with something as simple as a clock-in, the better,” she says.”

She also likes that she gets alerts from the app. “That’s been really helpful and beneficial,” Jade says. “If I’m not in the salon, I can keep an eye on things and make sure things are working out smoothly.”

The time Jade saves with ezClocker is time she can spend grooming dogs, managing her business, and building better relationships with clients.

The perfect fit

ezClocker saves Jade about half an hour a week when it comes time for her to do payroll. Plus, she doesn’t have to interrupt her day to clock in her employees. They can do that themselves on their phones. “In my business, time is money,” she says. With the app, “It’s less time that I have to spend making sure everyone is there and making sure they’re clocked in. They do that all on their own.” 

The time she saves is time she can spend doing what she loves: grooming dogs and managing her business. It also gives her more time to focus on building better relationships with her clients. This ensures they’ll keep coming back and continue to refer her to others.

For Jade, ezClocker is the perfect fit. “ezClocker had everything I need, and it is so simple and clear,” she says. “It just makes sense to use it!”

Jade with her Austin Pet Stylist staff


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