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best janitorial cleaning apps

Best Janitorial and Cleaning Apps in 2024

Share This: Best Janitorial and Cleaning Apps ezClocker Janitorial Manager CleanGuru Swept Clean Smarts Zen Maid CleanTelligent CleanPlan CleanMaint ExpressTime Knowing the best janitorial apps and cleaning service apps is so important for any janitorial business. Technology can be an immense asset; this is especially as you work to build,[…]

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how to expand your cleaning service

5 Ways to Expand Your Cleaning Business

Share This: There are several ways you can expand and grow your cleaning business. Retaining clients and growth are key factors for success. Whether you are just starting or looking to take your cleaning business to the next level, there are many strategies to help you succeed. There are many[…]

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cleaning service time clock

Lauren Poole Dreams Big with ezClocker

Share This: Business: Pristine Property Services Location: Myrtle Beach Interesting Fact about Pristine Property Services: A lot of the employees are moms looking for extra income while their kids are at school. Interesting Fact about Lauren Poole: She worked in sales and advertising for 20 years before opening her cleaning business.   After cleaning a[…]

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cleaning services time management

A Guide to Efficiently Manage Schedules for Your Cleaning Business

Share This: Running a successful janitorial and cleaning business requires many things. You must offer quality services, be reliable and trustworthy, and build strong relationships. Additionally, staying up to date with the latest cleaning technologies and industry trends can give a competitive edge.  Overall, running a successful cleaning business requires[…]

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How to Build a Successful Janitorial Cleaning Service

Share This:Starting your own janitorial cleaning service is one of the easiest businesses to start. You can start it as a home-based business and grow it as you receive more jobs and income. As with any new business, you should research, prepare, and follow the necessary steps to ensure your startup[…]

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win cleaning contract

How to Win Janitorial Bids

Share This: Knowing how to offer and win janitorial bids for your small business is one of the most important steps when you are ready to start cleaning for commercial businesses.  It is important to meet with your client first if possible. This helps you understand what they need, explain[…]

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The Best Commercial Cleaning Checklist

Share This: When you start a janitorial business, you are probably developing many processes such as a cleaning checklist for your employees.  Why Is a Commercial Cleaning Checklist Important? Your clients want to know your company is keeping the promises made to them. Like any other job, the quality of work[…]

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training cleaning staff

8 Tips on Training Your Cleaning Staff

Share This: Training your cleaning staff for your janitorial company is necessary for your business to be successful. It is important to develop a thorough training program.  Once you hire someone, they become an extension of your business. They represent your brand. Do you feel proud for them to represent what you[…]

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starting janitorial business

How to Start a Janitorial Business

Share This: Opening your own janitorial business can be one of the best small businesses to start on a budget. You can begin by starting small and then building up a successful cleaning service however you like. Once you get comfortable with your business and brand, you can begin bidding on larger[…]

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