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Best Janitorial and Cleaning Apps in 2024

best janitorial cleaning apps
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Knowing the best janitorial and cleaning apps out there can be transformative for your janitorial business when you want to control everything from scheduling and timekeeping to customer communication and quality control. 

According to GrandViewResearch, the global cleaning services market is booming, with a value of approximately $370.56 billion in 2022 and projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.6% from 2023 to 2030. The growth is a result of factors including growth in dual-income families, increased post-pandemic hygiene awareness, an aging population and a flourishing real estate sector. Also, it has been reported that about 10% of households already use these services in the US alone. At the same time, it is expected that an astonishing additional 80% of dual-income families will do so soon.

In this rapidly expanding market, janitorial and cleaning apps are now vital for businesses looking to streamline operations, increase efficiency and stay ahead of the competition. We’ll list the best janitorial and cleaning apps in 2024 in this article.

How to Grow a Janitorial Business

Knowing how to grow a janitorial business is undeniably very important; in fact, this knowledge will ultimately determine the success of your enterprise as a whole.

As such, your awareness of the proper strategies to grow this business makes a huge difference; it should come before you look into cleaning service apps and janitorial apps.

The initial steps to growing a successful janitorial business involve determining the types of services you’ll offer; putting together a business plan and getting the necessary insurance and licenses comes next. After you’ve gotten this all squared away, you’ll want to move on to the next steps.

Phase two of growing a successful janitorial business involves marketing and other related matters regarding service delivery. Developing the appropriate business contacts for your janitorial services is crucial; then, you’ll need to begin marketing, and hiring employees. Developing the right promotional plans for your business comes afterward.

What Challenges Does a Janitorial Business Face?

Even with the best knowledge of growing a janitorial business, there are still challenges that often come along with the job.

One of the most daunting tasks can entail tracking employees’ hours. This is so important for several reasons. Firstly, the hours that employees are working will determine how much money the business has to pay.

Secondly, the hours that employees are working should directly coincide with productivity levels. However, when a business struggles with tracking employees’ hours, awareness of productivity rates also becomes a challenge.

The struggle of tracking employees’ hours is all too common, as a result, cleaning service apps and janitorial apps are critical business tools.

What are the Best Janitorial and Cleaning Apps on the Market?

Reviewing different janitorial apps and cleaning service apps for your business can be quite a process. This is why it’s important to know about the best options on the market. As a disclaimer, we included our own ezClocker software on this list; however, we also provided many other great apps based on the various features that they have to offer.

1. ezClocker

ezclocker janitorial time clock

One of the reasons we picked ezClocker as the best app for janitorial and cleaning businesses is because of its high rating of 4.8/5.0* in the App Store with over five thousand 5-star reviews. ezClocker’s base price starts at $12/month up to 15 employees so if you have 2 or 15 employees you pay one flat fee of $12/month. ezClocker also offers a 20% for yearly plans which will bring down the price to $10/month.

According to case studies and reviews, users find ezClocker easy to use and affordable. Comments like “This app has been the answer to our small cleaning business problems”, “Best decision EVER!”,“Love it!!! ezClocker has made tracking my employees hours a cinch“, and “Wonderful Application!” tell you how much people love this app. 

Let’s face it: when you have a not-so-tech-savvy workers, you need to look for an app that is easy to use and also workable within your budget and ezClocker solves for both

Features of ezClocker

The ezClocker app supports many features like allowing employees to use their own phone to clock in or out. A GPS time stamp is also recorded which allows you to verify that your employees clocked in and out of the right locations. Other features include: scheduling, overtime reporting, labor job costing, restrict employees from clocking in early, and much more.

Your staff will love this easy-to-use scheduling software because it allows them to view their schedules and timesheets all in real time. If you need to export payroll data, the ezClocker time tracking app can email timesheets to yourself or to anyone you wish. This highly rated employee time tracking software also provides a Kiosk time clock app where you can convert a tablet to a portable time clock device and restrict employees to use only one device to clock in/out.


  1. ezClocker cleaning app has a simple and intuitive interface, designed to be accessible for employees with varying levels of tech proficiency.
  2. Offers competitive pricing plans, starting at $10/month for up to 15 employees.
  3. GPS Location Tracking which verifies employee clock-in/out locations for accurate timekeeping and accountability.
  4. Online job scheduling helps simplify schedule creation and allows employees to view their shifts on their mobile devices.
  5. Labor Job Costing ensures the tracking of labor costs for each job, facilitating accurate payroll and budgeting.
  6. This time app offers a 30-day free trial to test the app and its features before committing to a subscription.


  1. This app requires a small capital investment for subscription of the app but it’s a fair price at the end of the day.

Need an Affordable Mobile Time Tracking App for Your Employees?

2. Janitorial Manager

janitorial manager cleaning app

Janitorial Manager is a cloud-based solution built by janitors for janitors and aims to change how you run your cleaning company in its entirety. It does not just focus on time-tracking but also solves other problems faced by janitors, such as GPS tracking, inventory management, job costing and client communication, among others. The functions of this app are made to suit real-life cleaning needs, thus making work easier and enabling data-based decision-making.

Janitorial Manager promotes transparency in a janitorial and cleaning organization with features like a built-in messaging system, QR code systems, which are used for checking whether all employees have reported at their designated areas or not within a given time frame and multilingual support that allows every member of staff to understand what is expected from them regardless of their language proficiency.


  1. Addresses all aspects of janitorial management, not just time tracking.
  2. Created by cleaning professionals for cleaning professionals, ensuring relevance and practicality.
  3. Automates tasks, optimizes workflows and reduces manual effort.
  4. Centralizes communication between managers, staff, and clients.


  1. The extensive feature set may require some initial training for full utilization.
  2. Despite its many advantages, the cloud-based nature may occasionally experience connectivity or software glitches.

3. CleanGuru

CleanGuru janitorial app

CleanGuru is another janitorial app that provides many great features for janitorial service businesses. It is an all-in-one software for janitorial companies that aims to make every part of your cleaning business easier and more efficient. Whether it’s bidding, timekeeping, scheduling, invoice sending, checklists or inspections — CleanGuru has you covered with its all-inclusive platform. This system can be accessed anywhere thanks to being cloud-based; it also includes GPS time tracking, email verification systems, and even QuickBooks integration, which is designed specifically for the needs of cleaning professionals.


  1. Covers all essential aspects of running a cleaning business, minimizing the need for multiple apps.
  2. Offers specialized tools like cleaning bid calculators and pre-written service descriptions.
  3. Intuitive design makes it easy to navigate and utilize all features effectively.
  4. Cleaners can use the mobile app for time tracking, task completion, and communication.


  1. Some features, like bid creation and customization, might require initial learning and practice.

4. Swept

janitorial time keeping app

Swept is a user-friendly janitorial software designed to simplify and grow your commercial cleaning business. What sets it apart from other platforms is its strong emphasis on team communication, real-time visibility, and employee well-being. Swept’s features include location-based messaging, time tracking with payroll integration, customizable checklists, and a unique mood reporting tool, all of which work together to enhance employee satisfaction and retention. Moreover, with seamless integrations like QuickBooks and Route, Swept effectively streamlines operations and provides a centralized hub for managing your entire cleaning business, thereby making it an all-in-one solution for your janitorial needs.

Swept works on computers, tablets, and mobile devices, just like many of the other janitorial and cleaning apps on our list.


  1. Prioritizes communication, collaboration, and employee well-being through features like mood reporting and diverse messaging channels.
  2. Offers real-time notifications and reporting for better insight into your janitorial and cleaning operations and team performance.
  3. Helps reduce turnover with features like mood reporting, clear instructions, and multilingual support.
  4. Seamlessly connects with QuickBooks and Route for efficient payroll and route management.


  1. Some users might need time to adjust to the unique features and interface of Swept.

5. Clean Smarts

Clean Smarts cleaning time-keeping app

In addition to the previously mentioned software, Clean Smarts is another app to consider. This time-keeping app is one that cleaning services and janitorial businesses can truly benefit from. It is a software solution created to make cleaning business management easier. Specifically, this program does this by integrating necessary functions such as time-keeping, scheduling, communication and quality control into one user-friendly platform. They have multiple clock in/out methods available, issue tracking, supply management and customizable inspections, too. What distinguishes Clean Smarts most from its competitors on the marketplace is its strong focus on training users how to use it well and providing continuous support throughout their utilization, all with the goal of helping cleaning teams do better cleaning work no matter what size they are or where they operate.


  1. Intuitive design makes it easy for teams to adopt and utilize the business software effectively.
  2. Covers essential aspects of cleaning business management, including time tracking, scheduling, communication, and inspections.
  3. Offers multiple clock-in/out methods to accommodate various work environments and preferences.
  4. Allows you to create tailored inspections to ensure quality control and track team performance.


  1. Some advanced features like API usage, payroll integration, and public surveys are only available on the Expert plan.

6. Zen Maid

ZenMaid janitorial and cleaning software

ZenMaid is an easy-to-use cleaning software designed to automate, simplify, and grow your cleaning business. Specifically, it focuses on eliminating the tedious manual cleaning tasks associated with scheduling, client communication, and team management, thereby allowing you to focus on scaling your janitorial business and delivering exceptional service. With features like automated booking confirmations, reminders, and work orders, ZenMaid effectively helps streamline cleaning and maintenance operations and, consequently, enhances customer satisfaction. Furthermore, ZenMaid generously grants businesses a free 14-day trial to thoroughly check out the app and all its features


  1. Easy to set up and use, even for those with limited technical skills.
  2. Saves time by automating client communication, scheduling, and team assignments.
  3. Boosts revenue by providing high-converting booking forms for your website.
  4. A reliable customer support team to ensure easy handling of issues.


  1. Although offering a free trial, the subscription cost might be a little high for smaller businesses or those just starting out.

7. Otuvy

 Otuvy time clock

Otuvy, previously known as CleanTelligent, is a cleaning software platform designed to empower facility service organizations and commercial cleaning companies. It is directly tailored toward janitorial and cleaning businesses and focuses on bridging the gap between facility managers and frontline teams by providing tools for task management, quality control, and communication. With real-time reports, cleaning status updates, and a robust inspection system, Otuvy helps ensure cleaning jobs are completed efficiently and to a high standard while also providing transparency for clients and stakeholders.


  1. Streamlines task organization, tracking, and verification for improved efficiency.
  2. Enhances quality control with customizable inspections, work order management, and QR codes.
  3. Provides detailed reports to showcase the work done, increasing transparency and building trust.


  1. The platform may require initial training for managers and frontline teams to fully utilize all features.

8. CleanPlan

clean plan janitorial and cleaning app

CleanPlan is a janitorial platform designed to transform the way cleaning operations are managed. Like other janitorial and cleaning applications, it caters to all janitorial companies. In fact, it has tools that can be used to automate workflows, facilitate interaction, and guarantee quality; all of that is done along with the provision of useful real-time data and analytics. Thus, by using task confirmation, location-based tracking, and record-keeping, CleanPlan gives power to cleaning firms so that they can make their processes efficient and optimize income earned accordingly.


  1. Facilitates direct communication between managers and cleaning teams, enabling efficient task allocation and issue resolution.
  2. Offers peace of mind for clients by providing real-time location tracking and task verification.
  3. Allows for remote janitorial business management and digital authentication of tasks, improving overall efficiency.
  4. Provides a real-time rating system for completed tasks, ensuring consistent quality and identifying areas for improvement.


  1. While offering a free trial, the subscription plans may be costly for smaller businesses or those just starting out.

9. CleanMaint

CleanMaint janitorial app

CleanMaint is a cloud-based cleaning service management software designed to meet the rising demands for cleanliness and safety in facilities. Developed on the proven eMaint CMMS platform, this janitorial and cleaning app delivers powerful functions for planning, resource allocation, inventory control and reporting. Its goal is to simplify cleaning processes, enhance adherence and ensure occupants are safe in different places such as schools, offices and industrial zones.


  1. The cleaning management software offers a wide range of features covering scheduling, inventory, work orders, and real-time reporting.
  2. Designed to meet the rigorous demands for cleaning and sanitization in various facilities.
  3. Allows for the mapping of work orders to physical zones for easy tracking and progress visualization.
  4. Provides real-time visibility into cleaning activities and overall facility status.


  1. The robust feature set may require a learning curve for new users to fully master the software.

10. ExpressTime

express time janitorial and cleaning  app

ExpressTime is one of the best Janitorial software out there in the market, and businesses that use ExpressTime will have a worthwhile timekeeping app available to them. This tracking app’s features are very popular because they’re considered to be one of the top time apps available now. They’re also necessary in 2024. Don’t miss out on one of the greatest features of this time-tracking app. These features include the following: GPS tracking, access to reports pages, trending tracking, supply tracking, and much more.


  1. Offers detailed time tracking with features like GPS verification, geofencing, and clock-in options for enhanced accuracy and accountability.
  2. Provides a platform for seamless communication between managers, employees, and clients, improving responsiveness and issue resolution.
  3. Allows for tailored inspections to ensure quality control and identify areas for improvement.
  4. Offers a convenient clock-in method for cleaning staff without smartphones, increasing flexibility and accessibility.


  1. There is an extensive feature set that may be difficult for new users to fully grasp and utilize.

What to Look for When Evaluating Janitorial and Cleaning Apps

There’s no denying that janitorial apps and cleaning business apps play a critical role in the success of janitorial businesses. However, you should know what to look for when reviewing different cleaning service apps and janitorial apps; this is so important for finding the right fit for your business.

Ease of Use

There are many janitorial and cleaning management solutions on the market; however, whichever field service management software you select should be easy to use. Ease of use is very important for cleaning management systems. Cleaning business software that you don’t understand or can’t use is the last thing you want to be stuck with.


Just like ease of use, affordability is worth looking for when choosing different cleaning service apps and janitorial apps. Whatever time keeping app you decide upon should fit into the budget you’ve assigned for the business. This is one reason why putting together a budget is such a critical part of starting a janitorial business.


The best cleaning and janitorial service software should always have GPS functions on them like in the Jobber app. GPS is an essential time keeping part that allows you to track the locations of your employees; it also plays a role in knowing when and where your staffers are clocking in and out of work. 

Online Scheduling

The cleaning service apps and janitorial apps that you consider for your business should have online scheduling features. That is because these features improve the quality of communications with your staffers; also, the ability to set your employees’ schedules online avoids confusion and miscommunications regarding hours.

Overtime Reporting

As a business owner, knowing when your employees are working overtime is crucial to your janitorial budget. You see, paying employees overtime is more expensive than just paying for standard hours; as a result, it’s very important for janitorial software solutions and cleaning service apps to have overtime reporting features.a

Labor Job Costing

Labor is a great asset to your janitorial business; however, it can also be a big part of your enterprise’s overhead fees. Therefore, any cleaning service apps and janitorial apps that you’re considering should cover labor job costs features. In the long run, this will help your business stay on track and not go over budget.

Time Off

Most janitorial service providers offer their employees some type of paid leave. Knowing when your employees are off helps create a more accurate schedule and timesheets. When shopping for the best time tracking apps for janitorial services, look for an app that allows employees to submit paid and unpaid time off. Can you or a manager approve or deny the request? Can you limit the hours employees take off so they don’t exceed their yearly totals? And then finally, can you restrict the cleaning crew from submitting time off without advance notice? These are some of the basic features to look for when shopping for top janitorial software. 


Technology plays such a huge role in the janitorial and cleaning service sector; so it’s important for you to know all the best janitorial and cleaning apps available in the market now.

Choosing the right time tracking app for your janitorial business is no small feat. However, knowing what to look for will help you make an informed decision. In fact, this same principle also applies to understanding the best time keeping apps on the market.

This article specifically highlights some of the best applications available in 2024, each of which has its own unique strength and features suitable for various needs and budgets. Whether it’s improving team communication, streamlining scheduling, or ensuring quality control, carefully considering the features that go hand in hand with your company’s objectives can undoubtedly help the business grow. Moreover, by embracing technology, you can effectively optimize business operations while simultaneously aligning yourself for more growth and prosperity within the rapidly expanding cleaning industry.

*ezClocker App rating was taken from the AppStore in January, 2024.


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