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5 Ways to Expand Your Cleaning Business

how to expand your cleaning service
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There are several ways you can expand and grow your cleaning business. Retaining clients and growth are key factors for success. Whether you are just starting or looking to take your cleaning business to the next level, there are many strategies to help you succeed. There are many other cleaning businesses out there. How can you be better? 

Here are some helpful tips:

Hire Great People and Provide Excellent Customer Service

One of the best ways to get more clients is to provide great service. This helps you gain positive reviews and referrals. Hire great people to work for you. If they do something that does not reflect your brand well, you may have to train them better or let them go. Also, clients need to trust you and your staff.

Poor customer service is terrible for your business. How many times have you received bad service? What did you do? Did you keep using that business? 

Furthermore, read online reviews and comments. Pay attention to what others are saying online. Promptly address any bad feedback. Also, if you respond online, do not be defensive. Encourage satisfied clients to leave positive reviews on platforms like Yelp, Google, and the Better Business Bureau. If you list your services somewhere else, ask for reviews there as well. 

Stay in touch with current clients. Check in often with them. If they aren’t happy, what can you do to improve? 

Utilize Online Presence and Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Master SEO if you want to expand your cleaning business in your area. Local SEO is the process of improving your online presence. This helps you have increased visibility in local searches. Here are some ways to improve your local SEO:

  • Create a website with clear information about your services, pricing, and contact details.
  • Optimize your website for search engines. Use relevant keywords like janitorial services, cleaning services, and cleaning business. If you can’t find many keywords, use AI to help you brainstorm. Check Google Analytics, Pinterest Trends, and an SEO website to get ideas. Once you develop your list, use those keywords regularly in all your content. 
  • Additionally, AI helps identify long-tail keywords used by clients. Previously, these may not have been considered relevant for attracting traffic. However, now long-tail keywords can help if there is a lot of competition in your field. 
  • Have accurate and consistent information on all online platforms. These can include Google My Business, Yelp, and social media channels. 
  • Create localized content on your website that includes keywords for your area. For example, you can write blog posts about cleaning tips in specific neighborhoods. If someone types in “cleaning services near me”, you want your business to show up at the top of search results. Include relevant keywords on your website and meta tags. 
  • Make your website mobile-friendly. Most people use their phones when searching.
  • If you have other businesses you work with and they have blogs on their website, ask if you can build backlinks to each other’s blogs. However, be careful, too much of this and Google will consider it link spam

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Use Social Media and Content Marketing

Social media marketing is more than creating a post on your social media pages every once in a while. It is about regularly creating engaging social media posts. Use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn to expand your cleaning business. Share before-and-after photos, cleaning tips, and client testimonials to showcase your work and build trust. Furthermore, you will gain followers for your cleaning business if you spend time answering questions and engaging with your audience. 

Creating blog posts and posting eye-catching graphics using free tools (e.g., Canva) is one way to help you gain followers on your social media platforms. Develop valuable content, such as cleaning guides, checklists, and ebooks, to establish your company as an authority in the field. Brainstorm some methods you can use to help your cleaning business. If you can’t write or develop graphics, consider hiring an expert on Upwork.

Also, many small businesses don’t understand how to use Pinterest or know its benefits. Pinterest is considered a search engine, not just a social media site. Use your blogs, your cleaning do’s and don’ts, and before and after pictures on Pinterest to attract more clients. 

If you want to dive into social media marketing, create a schedule to post regularly. Consistency is key for social media marketing. Invest in targeted online advertising campaigns using platforms like Google Ads or Facebook Ads to reach potential clients in your service area.

Finally, build an email list. Send out regular newsletters with cleaning tips, promotions, and updates. 

Build Partnerships and Referral Programs

Partner with real estate experts, property managers, or neighborhoods to tap into new markets. If you have several clients in one area, consider offering a discount. If a neighborhood has a social media page, ask the administrator or property manager to post your discounts. 

Consider expanding your service areas. Look for new areas or neighborhoods. Do you offer commercial and residential services? Where can you expand your services?

Also, encourage your satisfied clients to refer your services to others. Offer incentives or discounts for successful referrals.

Get Involved with Your Community

Get involved with the communities you serve or want to serve. Sponsor events or participate in charitable activities. Notify your local news and discuss what you are trying to accomplish. 

Create videos of these events or charitable causes and share them online. Also, attend local networking events to connect with potential clients. This is another area where you can establish partnerships too. 

Join local Facebook groups and establish yourself as an expert. Most groups don’t allow you to sell on their pages. However, if someone asks about a cleaning tip, answer the question. Take opportunities to answer questions and engage with different members. But don’t spam or send unauthorized messages. This will only annoy people and get you kicked out of groups. 

If you see a service that you don’t offer, consider expanding. Listening to the needs of potential clients can help you determine additional services. For example, you may want to offer eco-friendly or deep cleaning, to cater to a broader client base.

Finally, send targeted direct mailers to businesses or homeowners in your service area with special promotions or offers.

Final Thoughts on How to Expand your Cleaning Business

The most important thing you can do for your cleaning business is to hire great people. Then train your cleaning staff well. Teach them how to provide excellent customer service. Equip them with the latest tools and technology to deliver great service. For example, using a system like ezClocker helps you and your staff. Your staff members can clock in and out anywhere. It is also a great tool to use for online scheduling. Your team will know where and when they need to be at a job. Also, it offers GPS verification so you will know when your team has arrived on time. 

When marketing your business, use analytic tools to track the efficiency of your efforts. Make decisions to improve your marketing strategies over time. 

Ask for reviews from your clients on Google or Yelp. If they have any problems, fix them immediately. Thank your loyal clients by offering them loyalty rewards. 

Expanding your cleaning business and attracting more clients requires a strong online presence. Develop effective marketing strategies both online and in your community. Remember to regularly assess and adapt your approach. This allows you to stay ahead of the competition and continue expanding your client base.


Author: Kimberley Kay Travis

Kim Travis has over 20 years of experience in business, human resource management, and leadership roles. She has specialized knowledge in employment law, employee relations, recruiting, management consulting, small business growth, leadership development, workplace safety and health programs, and writing business content.

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