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How to Manage Your Crew in a Lawn Care Business

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Lawn care business owners may struggle to manage their crew and workload at first. It involves many skills and challenges. You need to be able to consult with clients, manage crew members, oversee operations, and maintain equipment. 

Here are some tips to help you:

Hire Good People

Many small businesses make a mistake by not hiring the right people for the job. It might seem easy to hire anyone who applies, but most of the time, those choices don’t work out well. If you’re not careful during interviews, references, and background checks, you might end up with bad apples in your team. Hiring without following good practices puts you at a higher risk.


On the other hand, when you hire good people, they bring their skills, dedication, and positive attitudes to the table. It’s like building a strong foundation for your business. A strong team is making a smart investment that pays off over time. This investment leads to happy customers, smooth business operations, and a business that can easily adapt and grow in a competitive market. So, choosing the right team members is essential to helping you manage your lawn care crew.

Implement a Good Scheduling Software

Creating a good schedule is vital for a lawn care business to work well. First, think about the weather, what clients want, and what each job needs when planning your schedules.

Getting good scheduling software can be a big help. Pick one that’s great for managing remote workers. This kind of software makes it easier to assign jobs and manage your team. Also, having the right scheduling tools can really make a big difference in running your lawn care business smoothly.

For example, Mathew’s Grounds Maintenance in Bloomington, IL uses ezClocker. Maxx started looking online for a timekeeping app. He came across a recommendation for ezClocker. The app seemed to have the simplest user interface at a low price, so he decided to give it a try. 

He discovered that it was easy to use. “ezClocker is very simple,” he says. “You just send the guys an email, they download the app, click the link, and they’re already in. Done.

I like how quickly we can onboard a new employee without having to enter a whole lot of information,” he says. “And it’s just very user friendly.” Maxx also discovered that it’s easy to fix mistakes when people forget to clock in or clock out. He can make the change from his phone in about 30 seconds. 

Need an affordable scheduling software for your lawn care business?

Allocate Tasks Effectively

Running a lawn care business well starts with understanding what your crew is good at. For instance, if someone is good at being precise, you might give them the job of doing detailed landscaping. For those that are strong, they may be best at mowing and trimming. Knowing what your team can do helps you give them the right jobs.

It’s also important to talk to your crew members often. This way, you can chat about the jobs coming up, listen to concerns, and get their thoughts on their work. Keeping open communication helps everyone understand their roles better and makes the whole team work together.

Plan for seasonal peak times. Make sure you have the staff and resources you need. When they are prepared, the team can handle more work without losing quality and time.

Train Your Crew

Make sure your team gets good training. Keep them updated on new trends and what’s standard in the industry. It’s also important for them to know how to serve customers well. When your team is trained properly, they’ll likely work fast and have good quality work.

Investing in training gives your team the tools they need to do their job well. It keeps them updated on the latest information, laws, ethical concerns, and teaches them about customer satisfaction. Discuss past mistakes to ensure they aren’t repeated. Plus, when your team is trained, they can finish their work efficiently and make sure it’s top-notch quality. Training helps you manage your lawn care crew better and keeps your customers satisfied.

Develop an Equipment Maintenance Schedule

Ensure that all equipment is maintained and in optimal condition. Regular maintenance prevents unexpected breakdowns, reduces downtime, and allows your team to continue working. Develop a pre-maintenance checklist to ensure equipment checks occur daily.

Conduct Quality Checks

Set up a system to check the quality of the jobs your team finishes. Doing regular checks also gives a chance for helpful feedback and training.

When you check regularly, it’s a chance to see what’s going well and where there can be improvements. This way, your team keeps doing their best, and your business keeps improving. 

Know Your Season Fluctuations

The lawn care business can change a lot with the seasons. Sometimes, there are really busy times that need more work and resources. It’s super important to handle your team well during these busy times to make clients happy and earn more money.

One good idea is to hire extra workers just for those busy times. This way, you can have more people working when it’s really busy, but you don’t have to keep them around all the time. Hiring seasonal workersgives your team the boost it needs during busy seasons without making long-term commitments. 

Develop Good Customer Service Skills

Making sure your customers are happy is really important in the lawn care business. Talk to them and ask how things are going. Listen to what they say, and if they write reviews or say nice things, use those to show off your business’s strengths. Take suggestions seriously so that you can continue to improve. 

When customers are happy, they usually come back and tell others about your services. This helps your business succeed in the long run. So, keeping your clients satisfied is building a good reputation for your lawn care business.

Develop Safety Protocols

Keeping everyone safe is vital in the lawn care business. Make sure your team knows how to use safety gear and follow the right procedures. Have meetings regularly to talk about safety and let everyone know if there are any changes.

Having a safe workplace isn’t just about protecting your team; it also helps keep everything running smoothly. If everyone is safe and knows how to avoid accidents, your work won’t get interrupted. 

Build a Positive Company Culture

To help manage your lawn care crew better build a great company culture. A positive company culture fosters loyalty and dedication among your crew members. Making your workplace a happy and supportive place is essential. They will also help you with your marketing efforts when they are happy. When your team feels like they’re part of a good team, they stick around and work harder. Create a place where everyone helps each other, and people feel important.

It’s also great to notice when your team is doing a good job and say thank you. This could be giving bonuses, special rewards, or just saying something nice. When your team is motivated and feels appreciated, they’ll do their best to give really good service. So, having a positive company culture is creating a happy team that goes the extra mile for your business.

Monitor and Adjust Financials

Keep a close eye on your business finances to ensure sustainability and profitability. Regularly review your budget, track expenses, and analyze revenue streams. This helps you determine how to make things better, decide what to do, and put your money where it is most important.

If your business is financially stable, it can handle problems and take advantage of chances to grow. 

Stay Informed about Industry Trends

The landscaping and lawn care industry evolves with time, introducing new techniques, equipment, and practices. To keep up, go to trade shows, join workshops, and connect with other professionals. When you stay informed about these changes, your business can be competitive and lead in offering modern and efficient lawn care services. 

Final Thoughts

A crew that works well together and stays motivated is the strong backbone of a successful lawn care business. Effectively managing your crew and workload is essential for the success of your lawn care business. Make sure your team and the work they do is well-organized. Understand the challenges, use smart strategies for planning and organizing, make sure everyone works efficiently, and deal with changes in workload during different times of the year. Doing these things will help your business run smoothly and grow in the competitive landscaping world.


Author: Kimberley Kay Travis

Kim Travis has over 20 years of experience in business, human resource management, and leadership roles. She has specialized knowledge in employment law, employee relations, recruiting, management consulting, small business growth, leadership development, workplace safety and health programs, and writing business content.