13 Time Management Tips to Help You Stay Productive

Share This: Sometimes employees state there is not enough time to finish their to-do lists and often feel behind every day. By using good time management skills, you should be able to manage your day effectively. Many successful people claim that effective time management skills help them stay focused and keep them on track[…]

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employee record requirements

How to Comply with Employee Record Requirements

Share This: Knowing what employee records to keep can be confusing. There are federal, state, and local requirements. If your business is a government contractor, you may have additional employee records you have to keep.  How Long Do Employers Keep Employee Records? After termination, the length of time employee records[…]

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10 Exceptional Goals Every Small Business Owner Needs

Share This: For many people, the new year is a time of setting resolutions, making changes, and determining new goals. For a business, these same principles apply. Each year, your company should take time to set goals to increase profitability, make changes to underperforming objectives, apply ethical and legal standards,[…]

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23 Businesses You Can Start on a Budget

Share This:Many people dream of starting their own business and now can do so on a low budget. Businesses with low upfront costs are easy to pursue, particularly if you have the skills to do so. Richard Branson said, “Entrepreneurship is about turning what excites you in life into capital so that[…]

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link roundup nov 2021

Small Business Link Roundup For November, 2021

Share This: Here are the best articles we found for the month of November: Stop Trying to Influence Your Team. Focus on This Leadership Skill Instead. I had a supervisor long ago who loved the sound of his own voice. He went into long, impassioned tirades about the company’s values, about[…]

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small biz roundup 0921

Small Business Link Roundup For September, 2021

Share This: Here are the best articles we found for the month of September: 10 Best Apps for Home Care Providers in 2021 The care and services given by home care providers are of deep importance. As more people age in the years to come, the demand for home care[…]

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Small Business Link Roundup For July, 2021

Share This: Here are the best articles we found for the month of July: How to Start a Construction Business After working in construction, you may be thinking about starting your own construction business. Although starting a construction business can be risky, many factors could affect your company’s performance. Construction businesses[…]

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