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How to Maximize ROI with Scheduling and Time Tracking Software

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There are many ways you can maximize your return on investment (ROI) and profits with a scheduling and time tracking software. Knowing how your workforce is utilized and what jobs or tasks contribute to your bottom line is important. You also want real-time data and transparency. These are just some of the ways scheduling and time tracking can boost your profits. 

Due to increased technology, there are many tasks that can be automated. One of those tasks that can be automated is timesheets. Using paper timesheets is time consuming and not completely reliable since it is subject to human error. 

What are the benefits of a scheduling and time tracking software?

There are many benefits when using a scheduling and time tracking software that maximizes your ROI such as:

Managing Labor Costs 

Controlling and calculating labor costs is important. It is vital to ensure your company maintains its profitability.

Although managing your labor costs can be difficult as you grow your small business, tracking them is important to your bottom line. Good timekeeping records are important and required for your hourly employees. 

A good time tracking software eliminates repetitive work and also reduces error. Furthermore, all information is stored on the cloud so that you and your employees can access the data anytime. 

By tracking your employee’s time, you can also verify punches when they are working. This will help to prevent employees from working unnecessary overtime or buddy punching. Automating your time clock systems can help prevent time clock theft. 

Oscar Jimenez, who owns OJ Handyworks Inc., says that he was relying on his employees to tell him what hours they were working. He didn’t understand how many hours of labor each job was costing, but ezClocker helped him. 

“My crew could clock in and clock out and not have to worry about tallying their hours,” Oscar says. “Everyone gets paid for the work they’ve done, and I can see who worked when, and whether they were on time. This really helps me keep a close eye on business operations.” Also, ezClocker saved Oscar money. “The monthly fee for ezClocker is pennies on what I was spending to round up all the hours,” he says. “I’ve made it back many times over.” 

When you can manage your labor costs effectively, you are able to increase your profits and ROI.  

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Offering Precise Data and Tracking Location

When you improve your automation, you are reducing and eliminating potential mistakes. These errors cost you time and money. Using a good scheduling and time tracking software with a GPS feature can help you know where your employees are when they clock in and out. 

When you know where your employees are and what jobs they are working on, you are helping your ROI. 

“When you are running your small business, you want data to be accurate and efficient. Daniel Alvizo who owns Daniel’s Tile, LLC. says, “In construction, it’s really hard to know where you’re going to be every day. It’s hard when you have to call your employees every morning. ezClocker has made scheduling a breeze. You can change everything in less than one minute. You just put it in the app, and in the morning when your employees wake up, they see it.” 

Your employees appreciate good records and communication. They don’t want to spend time trying to determine where they go for the day. Good workers want to get to the job site and do the job effectively. 

Improves Your Customer Experience

When your employees know what time they need to be on a job site and how long, it improves your communication and customer experience. There are fewer errors. When you have a mobile workforce, employees have to rely on their manager to give accurate information. With a great timekeeping app, they know that they are going to the correct job and location. 

If you bill your customers based on time worked, you can easily generate time reports for your customers. When your customers continue to trust your workers and your commitment to them, you will continue to build your client roster. 

Helps You Stay Compliant

In the past several years, state and local governments have passed laws such as minimum wage, sick and family leave, break and rest times, and overtime. The new overtime laws that went into effect on January 1, 2020, require you to pay overtime to anyone who makes less than $684 a week regardless of their job title. When an employer doesn’t keep their own records, the employee can show their own proof. If you aren’t keeping good records, you may be paying backpay later. Good time tracking software like ezClocker can help you stay compliant. 

American Ag Systems in Salem, Oregon is a family-owned business that expanded in different states. They needed to keep track of a mobile workforce. The tradesman traveled across different time zones to remote farms and processing plants. They needed a time tracking system that could comply with strict labor laws. They also needed a system that was reliable in areas with poor reception. With ezClocker, they could get what they need – reliability, GPS tracking, and they are compliant with the laws and areas they work. 

How can scheduling and time tracking software improve ROI?

As mentioned above there are many benefits to a good scheduling and time tracking like ezClocker. All these benefits help your ROI. 

By reducing mistakes with automation, you and your employees are not wasting time trying to determine what hours are worked and when. When you are accurately able to see how much time is spent on different jobs, you can continually improve your business pricing, efficiency, productivity, and job needs. 

You will improve your customer experience by offering precise data and even justify price increases if your employees are working longer than quoted. For example, if you own a janitorial company and the client requests more work, you can justify a price increase by showing how much you are paying in labor. 

You know your business is compliant with state and federal laws with a good scheduling and time tracking software. You can reduce lost income and improve your business model. When you lower timesheet errors and maintain compliance, you can generate more revenue. 

How can a scheduling and time tracking software help my business grow?

Using a scheduling and time tracking software can help your business grow by increasing your productivity, efficiency, and helping your workforce stay organized. When you have many projects, jobs, or locations, you are able to efficiently track through the software where your workers are and what they are working on. 

A good scheduling and time tracking software provides data to help you view your company’s productivity. When you complete a project, you know exactly how much time and money you have spent on that project. This information can help you determine quotes and estimates for future jobs. You can also track nonbillable work to see other tasks that you may be able to automate to save time and money. A scheduling and time tracking software can also help you with project management. You will always know where you are on a job or project and how much it is costing your business. Also, you can pinpoint the jobs that do not provide a profit.

Final Thoughts

Setting up a time tracking app is easy, and your employees will like it too. You want data that is reliable and accurate. Invest in software that helps your business grow. 

Scheduling and time tracking apps provide more than timekeeping. They increase your profitability and help you with your labor costs. When you know exactly what you are spending on a job or project, you can determine your future prices and profits. 


Author: Kimberley Kay Travis

Kim Travis has over 20 years of experience in business, human resource management, and leadership roles. She has specialized knowledge in employment law, employee relations, recruiting, management consulting, small business growth, leadership development, workplace safety and health programs, and writing business content.

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