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The Five Ways to Stay Healthier this Holiday Season

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Winter is slowly approaching, and with the colder season come all of the long-awaited delights, such as snowy winter escapades, hot chocolate and cocoa, and delicious homemade meals, as well as rejoicing that Christmas is just around the corner. But those are not the only things that wintertime has to offer. Sadly, the colder months also bring with them the common cold and flus that tend to permeate the office and quickly turn a winter delight into a winter nuisance. And you often feel that you can’t escape them, and that it is your lot in life to get sick every season.

No matter if you’re enjoying your holiday away from work, or if you’re punching in those long hours building your success, you want to boost your immune system and avoid getting sick at all costs, as do we all. Here are the five best ways to stay healthier this holiday season, and enjoy all the seasonal cheer to the fullest!


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Stick to a healthy diet

There is no way around it, if you plan to stay healthier this holiday, you need to stick to a nutritious diet and even supplement it with natural immune system boosters, such as vitamin C and various minerals like zinc and selenium often found in healthy food sources. This is important all year ‘round, naturally, but it becomes increasingly important as the cold starts to permeate your life. Be sure to refrain from junk food during the colder months, as it can severely impact your health. By junk food, we are referring to pre-packaged and take-out meals, full of sugar and additives. We are not implying you should stay away from the holiday cookies altogether.

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While there is no substituting healthy fats, proteins and even carbs from dairy products, vegetables, nuts and seeds, you also want to pop a multivitamin every morning to give your immune system a much-needed boost. This will allow you to stay healthier and even avoid catching seasonal bugs around the office or at home. There are some vitamins you can simply not get enough of through your regular diet, and supplementing them can do wonders for your health at any time of year.


Keep your stress levels down

One of the main ways to stay healthier this holiday is to keep your stress levels down. Stress is one of the main culprits of many illnesses, as studies would suggest, and numerous conditions can be prevented by simply making it your goal to decrease your daily stress levels. While this may at times sound impossible, if you put your mind to it, and focus on it enough, you can certainly start leading a less stressed out existence. Start by introducing a concrete schedule on a daily basis, including healthy habits that elevate your mood and ensure you feel energized and healthy.

Of course, there will come a time when you will not be able to stick to what you have planned, but worry not. By tailoring your schedule, you will not only be able to elevate your performance at work and make good use of your time at home, you will also tackle any task with ease and support other healthy habits that will naturally lower your stress levels. This leads us to the next crucial point.

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Don’t stop exercising

A surefire way to decrease your overall daily performance, mood, and elevate stress is to stop exercising during the holiday season. The holidays can be quite stressful on the mind and soul, and regular physical exercise has proven to be an excellent remedy for stress and low energy levels that usually accompany dreary weather.

Therefore, no matter if you take your workouts to the gym or outside for a run in the refreshing cold, you want to make sure you stay safe, dry, and flexible by wearing adequate weightlifting clothes designed to provide support and keep the blood flowing throughout your body. Remember, workout clothes are not just meant to look good, they also serve a valuable and functional purpose.
ur best to rise early every day

Wintertime is probably the worst time to sleep in, as the natural lack of sunlight is harmful enough for your immune system and general well-being; you don’t want to miss the early morning rays completely. You should try to supply your body with plenty of vitamin D, especially during the colder season, as it plays a major role in supporting the strength of your immune system.

Be sure to get up early every morning, in order to support healthy sleeping cycles, which are also crucial for your health, and in order to catch as much sunlight as possible. Rising early will also help you lead a more productive, well-rested lifestyle.


Double your hygiene

Finally, to stay healthier this holiday you should double your hygiene. If you were brought up to wash your hands regularly, wintertime is the time to double your efforts and make it a habit to wash your hands and face thoroughly throughout the day. Germs and diseases thrive in warm office and home environments, and if you want to avoid getting sick, you not only want to up your hygiene, you also want to avoid shaking hands with everyone you meet and try to use gloves in public transportation and common areas.

It might seem a tad extreme, but when you think about how easily disease spreads, you’ll have no problem making these changes. Be sure to air out your home and office regularly in order to eliminate hazardous elements and you will keep pesky bacteria and viruses away. The cold air is not your enemy, and you need to remember that. There is nothing quite like waking up to a crisp temperature, and instantly feeling invigorated.

The holiday season is a time to rejoice, set new goals, and enjoy life inside and outside the office. Don’t let easily preventable conditions hinder your progress and ruin your winter spirit, rather implement these essential tips into your daily routine and you will have no problem staying healthy this holiday season. Remember to embrace some of the holiday cheer – after all, this is the season to be jolly, a season of giving, and the perfect time to adopt a few new habits.



Author: Mathews McGarry