Small Business

Why Company Culture is Important for Your Small Business

Share This: Your company’s mission statement, core values, policies, and goals define your company culture.  It is also your approach to how you handle employee, customer, and vendor relations. It is often something you feel, even if you don’t work there. For example, if you walk into an office, you get a sense of[…]

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ai in construction

How AI Is Transforming the Construction Industry

Share This: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming construction sites into “smart” sites. These sites use connected devices, sensors, and drones. They gather data to manage resources and progress. AI is used to improve productivity. It is also used to improve efficiency.  Did you know AI is used in everyday life? It is not[…]

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schedule changes laws

What You Should Know About Changing Employee Schedules

Share This: As an employer, you may find situations that come up which would require changing employee schedules. It is important to know what your rights are as an employer to make these changes. Also, you should find methods to communicate when making changes to your employee schedules.  In most cases,[…]

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employee productivity

7 Reasons You Should Invest in Your Employees’ Productivity in 2023

Share This: Managing your own business can be time-consuming. However, investing in employees’ productivity makes it easier to attract and retain great talent.  There are many benefits of investing in employees’ productivity such as: Increased Return of Investment (ROI) Recruiting and training new staff can cost money. However, when you[…]

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