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employee record requirements

How to Comply with Employee Record Requirements

Share This: Knowing what employee records to keep can be confusing. There are federal, state, and local requirements. If your business is a government contractor, you may have additional employee records you have to keep.  How Long Do Employers Keep Employee Records? After termination, the length of time employee records[…]

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link roundup holiday 21

Small Business Link Roundup For December, 2021

Share This: Here are the best posts we found in the month of December: 7 Holiday Marketing Strategies to Improve Your Sales During the holidays, it is often a great time to make your online store look seasonal. Think about how your online store could stand out. You can hire[…]

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23 Businesses You Can Start on a Budget

Share This:Many people dream of starting their own business and now can do so on a low budget. Businesses with low upfront costs are easy to pursue, particularly if you have the skills to do so. Richard Branson said, “Entrepreneurship is about turning what excites you in life into capital so that[…]

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