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time off feature

Introducing Our New Time Off Feature

Share This: Per our customers’ requests, we are happy to introduce our new time off feature where employees can submit a time off request (paid or non-paid) and employers can accept or deny the request. This feature will allow employers to keep track of their employees’ hours and make sure[…]

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ai in construction

How AI Is Transforming the Construction Industry

Share This: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming construction sites into “smart” sites. These sites use connected devices, sensors, and drones. They gather data to manage resources and progress. AI is used to improve productivity. It is also used to improve efficiency.  Did you know AI is used in everyday life? It is not[…]

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How to Build a Successful Janitorial Cleaning Service

Share This:Starting your own janitorial cleaning service is one of the easiest businesses to start. You can start it as a home-based business and grow it as you receive more jobs and income. As with any new business, you should research, prepare, and follow the necessary steps to ensure your startup[…]

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schedule changes laws

What You Should Know About Changing Employee Schedules

Share This: As an employer, you may find situations that come up which would require changing employee schedules. It is important to know what your rights are as an employer to make these changes. Also, you should find methods to communicate when making changes to your employee schedules.  In most cases,[…]

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employee productivity

7 Reasons You Should Invest in Your Employees’ Productivity

Share This: Managing your own business can be time-consuming. However, investing in employees’ productivity makes it easier to attract and retain great talent.  There are many benefits of investing in employees’ productivity such as: Increased Return of Investment (ROI) Recruiting and training new staff can cost money. However, when you[…]

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