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Time Clock Rules for Hourly Employees

Share This: Managing the time clock rules and your employee’s time correctly is important for your small business.  Why are Timekeeping and Time Clock Rules Important? With accurate records, you can ensure you are compliant with federal and state labor laws.  You can track attendance easier and see trends.  You know[…]

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time tracking case study for home care

Tiffany Sims Cares for Clients with Help from ezClocker

Share This: Business: Big Hearts Home Care Location: Goochland, Virginia   Interesting Fact about Tiffany Sims: She worked for a while at a correctional facility. As a warm-hearted person, she found it difficult to boss grown men around.   Interesting thing about Big Hearts Home Care: The business has weathered[…]

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small biz roundup 04.2021

Small Business Link Roundup For April, 2021

Share This: Here are the best articles we found for the month of April: How to Start a Consulting Business: Your One Page Business Plan Clarity is the precursor to confidence. Once you establish clarity on your services, audience and motivation; you’ll be able to confidently move forward with the next[…]

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market your lawn care business

How to Market Your Landscape and Lawn Care Business

Share This: Setting up a landscape and lawn care business demands working, planning, and strategizing. Once your business is fully set up and ready to go, the next important step is going to be to market your lawn care business. Marketing plays a huge role, especially when you have a[…]

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start lawn care business

How to Start a Landscape Lawn Care Business

Share This: Lawn care services are currently more in demand than ever. Many people across different communities are in need of help with cutting their grass, trimming the edges, debris removal, pest/weed control, and much more.  If you’re looking to start a lawn care business, there is a variety of[…]

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handyman case study

Oscar Jimenez Relies on ezClocker for Accurate Timesheets

Share This: Business: OJ Handyworks Inc.  Location: Frederick, Md.  One Interesting Fact about Oscar Jimenez: Framing is his favorite part of carpentry, and he loves building houses from scratch. One interesting Fact about OJ Handyworks: It has never advertised. All business is word of mouth, starting with Oscar’s original flyer[…]

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business link roundup march

Small Business Link Roundup For March, 2021

Share This: Here are the best articles we found for the month of March: How to Implement an Attendance Point System for Your Small Business An attendance point system helps employers track attendance for their employees. Points are compiled when an employee is late, tardy, or absent. After collecting a[…]

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starting janitorial business

How to Start a Janitorial Business

Share This: Opening your own janitorial business can be one of the best small businesses to start on a budget. You can begin by starting small and then building up a successful cleaning service however you like. Once you get comfortable with your business and brand, you can begin bidding on larger[…]

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