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Why Company Culture is Important for Your Small Business

Share This: Company culture is defined and viewed by your company’s mission statement, your core values, your policies, and your goals. It is your approach of how you handle such things as employee, customer, and vendor relations.  It is how the organization views itself and how it would like to present[…]

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Trends Affecting Small Business Owners in 2019

Share This:Small business owners are gearing up for what they hope will be another banner year for them.  Fueling optimism are several trends that owners would be wise to understand so that they can further bolster their businesses in 2019. These trends mostly relate to emerging technology. And while all[…]

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How to Stay Productive during the Holiday Season

Share This:Staying productive during the holidays can be difficult when you and your employees have so much to do. Stressors such as shopping, money worries, family, travel, etc. can make it difficult for you to keep your concentration.  Workplace stress can easily overwhelm employees with worry about promotions, business changes,[…]

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