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easy guide employee discipline

Employee Discipline: The Complete Guide.

Share This: Employee discipline can be difficult if you do not have clear guidelines, policies, or procedures. Establishing clear policies and procedures is essential for your small business.  Write an Employee Handbook Your employee handbook shares your expectations. It is the backbone of your business. Your new employees will have information[…]

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How To Not be Stressed This Holiday Season

Share This: Many times, we struggle with stress and anxiety during the holiday season. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA): Seven out of ten adults in the United States say they experience stress or anxiety daily. Approximately 13% of the population experience social anxiety, which increases during the[…]

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small biz link roundup nov, 2019

Small Business Link Roundup For November​, 2019

Share This: Here are some of the best articles we found for our Link Roundup for November​, 2019: 5 Tips to Stop Entrepreneurial Stress Before It Starts Entrepreneurship is a daily stress test. Sales fall through. Some marketing campaigns simply don’t deliver. Employees quit, occasionally in anger. Every entrepreneur will[…]

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How to Keep Your Employees Happy

Share This: It is important that your employees are happy while keeping customers satisfied and ensuring that the business runs smoothly. Running your small business is like managing a family. In order to keep your small business running smoothly, you need to keep the family happy. Let’s be honest, managing[…]

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