Employee Time Tracking


Time Clock Rules for Hourly Employees

Share This: Managing the time clock rules and your employee’s time correctly is important for your small business.  Why are Timekeeping and Time Clock Rules Important? With accurate records, you can ensure you are compliant with federal and state labor laws.  You can track attendance easier and see trends.  You know[…]

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what is overtime

What is Overtime and How Does it Work?

Share This: Managing your employee’s time and overtime is essential for a business owner. It is an overhead cost that could be expensive if not managed effectively. Also, if you are paying overtime continually it may be time to make changes such as hiring additional staff.  What Does Working Overtime[…]

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how to write an employee time attendance policy

How to Write an Attendance Policy for Your Small Business

Share This:Implementing an attendance policy may be necessary for your business.  You may have noticed increased absences, or you are writing a new employee handbook.  You should include the following in your attendance policy: Your expectations How you will track attendance (how to clock in and out) Absences which will be excused[…]

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