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Small Business Link Roundup For March, 2018

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Here are some of the best articles in the month of March:


12 Time Management Tips to Help You Stay Productive

Often people state there is not enough time in the day to finish their to-do lists and frequently feel behind every day. By using good time management skills, you should be able to manage your day effectively. Many successful people claim that effective time management skills help them stay focused and keep them on track with their daily tasks and schedules.

Here are some tips to consider: Develop a good morning routine: By developing a good, structured routine in the morning, you will be able to clear your mind and stay focused..(read more here).


Are You a Toxic Boss? Google’s Management Study Will Tell You

Google recently conducted one of the most thorough studies of management behavior ever completed by a large corporation. Started in 2009, a team in Google’s People Innovation Lab spent one year data mining performance appraisals, employee surveys, nominations for top manager awards, and other sources to evaluate the differences between the highest- and lowest-rated managers. The researchers summarized hundreds of pages of interview notes and data, then shared the results with employees.

Eight qualities were identified in top-performing managers. Ironically, the opposite behavior of these traits are the direct acts of a toxic boss, though most toxic bosses are clueless they even have a problem. If you’re a manager, take a minute to see how many of these sound like you..(read more here).


8 Proven Habits for Ultimate Success

We are the result of our repeated behavior. Or as Aristotle put it, “Success is not an action, but a habit.” Here, top entrepreneurs and members of The Oracles weigh in on the one mental habit that drove their success and how to cultivate it in yourself.

Visualize your goals.

Since I was an athlete in high school, I’ve envisioned my goals as if they were already happening. I’ve used this visualization practice for decades now, and it’s supported my athletic career, my business achievements, and my current endeavor to make a massive global impact through the media. (read more here).


How to Keep Your Best Employees from Leaving

Employee turnover is one of the biggest costs to a company. Sometimes it may be caused by bad hiring practices such as recruiting bad talent that does not match the position or overlooking certain things to make someone fit. However, voluntary turnover (resignations) from your top and best employees can hurt your business.

How do you keep the best employees from leaving your company? Ensure you have great leadership in your company: Hiring great leadership is crucial to ensuring your employees stay and are devoted to your company. A bad manager can cost your company time and resources quickly..(read more here).


Want Better Results at Work? Hire More People with This 1 Hard to Find Trait

Albert Einstein once observed, “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were on when we created them.”

Paraphrasing Einstein, this is a matter of perception. We cannot solve our problems and overcome our challenges by merely doing something different; it’s thinking about the problems differently.

This requires a different mindset in the people you hire and, eventually, work with or report to. Luckily, science has done the ground work and identified whom those people are..(read more here).


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