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Small Business Link Roundup For August, 2018

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Here are some of the best articles we found in the month of August:

5 Ways Bad Leadership Can Destroy Your Business

Contrary to what you believe, you don’t have a marketing or sales problem. Most businesses think they do. In reality, they have a leadership problem. That’s one of the biggest lessons you can learn as an entrepreneur, and it will radically change the way you lead your team and the trajectory of your success.

As an entrepreneur, you can’t hide in the background. By default, you’re the person who will make the big decisions for your company. But, while leadership is something most entrepreneurs think they have, the truth is that few actually possess the skills they need to lead. And when you simply “play” the role of leader, rather than actually step up and lead others, your business can crumble as a result. Read more here.

How Do You Know Someone Is a Top-Notch Leader? Look for Any of These 4 Signs 

If you find yourself seeking to improve your leadership skills, remember this: Leadership is a journey, so enjoy the ride. And just when you think you’ve arrived at the top of the mountain, look up: You’ll always find another peak to climb.

This is what an old sage told me when I hit thirtysomething. Actually, back then a few wise business leaders who were further down the road than I told me I’d need to learn several things in order to attain their level of success. They saw right through me and they knew where I was headed (not a good place). I didn’t listen then, and sure enough, it cost me. I hope you don’t make the same mistake. Here are the lessons I wish I got right the first time. Read more here.

How to Create a Marketing Plan for Your New Business

If you plan to start your own business or if you have already started, you should develop a full marketing plan for your new startup. Long ago Peter Drucker, a famous business consultant and author said, “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”

Creating a marketing plan doesn’t have to be difficult. It may take some time, but if done correctly you will be happy to learn more about your business, your competitors, and your customers. Read more here.

Why Your User’s Brains Love Checklists

n the Second World War, Boeing launched the formidable Model 299 airplane—known as the Flying Fortress. With four radical engines and an imposing wingspan of nearly 104 feet, the machine could fly faster, go farther, and carry five times as many bombs compared with previous bombers. It was a military game changer.

But when a small crowd gathered to witness the test flight, the promise of the Model 299 turned to ruin. The airplane thundered down the runway, lifted smoothly, but then climbed uncontrollably. It stalled, swung, and then plunged to a fiery end.

The crash report confirmed that pilot error caused the accident. People concluded that the complexity of having a pilot manage four engines was an unrealistic demand. It was, according to one newspaper, “too much airplane for one man to fly.” Read more here.

Killer Triggered Emails to Boost Your Conversions

What is the most efficient way to personalize your emails? The answer lies in the email automation process. Automated or triggered emails help you send tailored messages to the right person, at the right time.

Using automated emails to enjoy the benefits of personalization might sound a paradox. These emails are sent when a particular event on your website triggers them. The relevance of these triggered messages gives the illusion of personal touch.

Triggered emails are fired by specific actions taken by website visitors. This automated process is also called behavioral marketing automation. It allows marketers to send automated messages based on the user’s behavior. These emails are successful because they are timely and highly relevant to the recipient. Essentially, trigger marketing is based on a series of events. Read more here.

How to Determine the Right Business Structure for Your New Startup

When starting your own business, you will need to decide on the business structure of your company. This decision will impact your taxes, how much paperwork you will have to complete, and your personal liability.

You should review each business structure wisely and choose the one that fits your business and personal needs the most. Read more here.

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