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Small Business Link Roundup For December​, 2019

happy holidays link roundup
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Here are some of the best articles we found for our Link Roundup for December​, 2019:

32 Entrepreneurs Share the Books They Always Recommend

A savvy entrepreneur understands that the ability to empathize with a variety of perspectives is invaluable when growing a business. One of the simplest and most effective way to do this is to read widely, across genres and from authors whose point of view is different than your own.

Whether it is a novel or history book on your nightstand or an in-depth scientific study, these successful founders have some unexpected titles that they always recommend to everyone. Read more here.

How To Not be Stressed This Holiday Season

The holiday seasons can add another layer of stress to your life. You have to battle the crowds at the mall, the kids are out of school and you have to find childcare. Also, you are trying to buy presents, decorate, and prepare the house for relatives.

On top of this, as a small business owner, you may feel that this could be your busiest season of the year where most of the revenue is made. You may also find your customers are in a rush and impatient.

Healthcare professionals like Chiropractors and Dentist offices, for example, see an increase in patients because kids are out of school. Most patients are trying to meet their deductible for the year. Read more here.

6 Leadership Mistakes Most New CEOs Make — and How to Fix Them

Making it to the top requires competitive drive, expert knowledge, cunning intellect, and the ability to execute tasks better than anyone else. These skills will help you rise in the ranks and prove your worth. Without them, you’re not likely to excel as quickly or decisively as others who are after the same position as you.

Once you do make it to the corner office, these same skills can hinder your ability to be effective. While you need to compete and win to get to the top, once you’re there you need to focus on teamwork, collaboration, and motivating others. If you continue to lean only on the skills that helped you rise to the top, you’ll fail to build a strong and high-performing leadership team around you. Read more here.

Top 6 Low Budget Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

As a small business owner, you know it’s time to hustle when the jingle bells. Holidays are a time when people are ready to whip out their credit cards, willing to spend big.

While there are plenty of great ways small businesses can market themselves around the holiday season on a tight budget, it can be quite a tall order to stand out from thousands of other businesses promoting their holiday offerings, especially if your end-of-year marketing budget is dwindling.

So, instead of running deeper and deeper discounts, take a good look at six of the finest low budget marketing ideas for the holidays which are easy to implement and won’t break the bank. Read more here.

36 Practical Tips for Writing A Great Sales Follow Up Email

You’ve probably sent one of those “just checking in”, “just following up” or “just touching base” emails at some point in your career. Truth be told, sending follow-up emails can sometimes be a challenge.

However, while leads and prospects never owe you a response, there are some techniques that can stack the odds in your favor without coming across as entitled, rude, annoying, or spammy. Read more here.

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