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Small Business Link Roundup For May, 2017

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Check out these great articles we found in the month of May:


The 7 Financial Habits of the Most Successful Small Business Owners

For the first time ever, there is data to clearly illustrate seven financial habits of highly effective small business owners. Based on a comprehensive study of 1,700 small business owners in the U.S., fewer than one in four owners of small businesses currently adopt all seven financial habits.

Those who follow the best practices consistently outperform other small businesses based on annual revenue and report higher levels of satisfaction with their decision to be a small business owner. These seven financial habits will equip small business owners with a new perspective to better help them prepare for the future, without sacrificing their client relationships, craft or team. (Read moe here).


30 Growth Hacks for Every Stage of Your Customer’s Journey

When you’re looking for a new growth hack you can get really stuck on trying to find one that fits the actual problem you’re having in your business. This article will guide you through all the stages of your customer and your business’ journey to help you find the growth hack that suits your needs. Ideas to test from this article..(read more here).


10 Life Hacks to Help Manage Time

When it comes to running or working for a business, time management is the key to avoid overwhelming yourself so that you have the best mindset, environment, and amount of time to get your necessary work done. Here are 10 great life hacks to help you manage your time wisely. Use technology to be more productive, there are online timers, help centers, advice columns, and grammar checkers (Grammarly) to assist you in all project-related tasks! If you’re running a business, it is important to be able to keep track of your employees so that the day is a productive one! (read more here)


Why More Moms Should Become Entrepreneurs

My own mother, like many of her generation, completely gave up her career to raise her children. And like many of my own generation, I put off pursuing a career until our children were older.

And if statistics hold true, of today’s women in the workforce who are on a career track, one out of every three will either pause or permanently drop out of her career once she becomes a mom. Although 93 percent of these women have every intention of returning full time to their career, only one in four will ever do so, opting instead to not return to work or work part-time. Only 9 percent choose to become self-employed. Here is why I think entrepreneurship should be a much higher percentage for mothers returning to the workforce. (read more here).


The 6 Best Lessons I’ve Learned In Life So Far

My students always ask me how I became successful. I tell them that my experiences in life taught me everything I needed to know about being successful. The best lessons of all come from what we experience in the real world. But of all the lessons I’ve learned I can boil them down to six. Travel everywhere you can, My biggest personal outlay is for the traveling I do. It’s my goal to eventually visit every country in the world. Every country and its people have something amazing to offer. You learn so much about the way people work and their societies function. I’ve taken many of those lessons back with me and incorporated them into my business. (read more here).


The 5 Things to Do Before Quitting your 9-5 Job

During my years working at Corporate America I always knew I wanted to start my own business, so I read the business books and watched the Shark Tank episodes but that just gave me knowledge, I knew I had to get some real world experience to help me transition my mind from an employee mindset to an entrepreneur so I started to network and test out different business ideas. Now working on my startup ezClocker full time I look back and find I did many things right but also some missed opportunities that I wish someone told me about when I was an employee thinking about starting a business. (read more here).


Author: Raya Khashab

Raya is the CEO and co-founder of ezClocker. She is passionate about customers and building products that change the way people run their business. She is also a big supporter of the startup community and helping people achieve their dreams.

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