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Small Business Link Roundup For July​, 2019

small biz link roundup
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Here are some of the best articles we found for our Link Roundup For July​, 2019:

Why Hustle Culture Might Be Toxic to Your Business

Two competing trends are fighting for the souls of millennials. On one hand, there’s the much-documented commitment to the hustle, side or otherwise. On the other, there’s a backlash to hustle culture. In other words, a commitment to long hours of hard work to earn success has been widely celebrated, but is this tendency turning toxic and actually hindering entrepreneurial goals? Here’s why glamorizing workaholism may be hazardous to your physical and mental well-being, as well as potentially damaging to your business. Read more here.

10 New Hire Traits to Look For When Interviewing Applicants

When interviewing potential new employees, it is important to make a list of new hire traits you want for your small business. By looking for these traits, you may save your company time and turnover. 

When interviewing your applicant, you should look for great communication skills. It is fine if they are a little nervous, but you are looking for someone to represent your small business in every aspect. An analysis of 2.3 million LinkedIn Users showed nearly 58% of users that had advertised they had great communication skills on their LinkedIn profiles were hired in less than a year.  Read more here.

Microsoft’s CEO Knows How to Run a Meeting. Here’s How He Does It

When Satya Nadella took over as CEO of Microsoft, the company was in the midst of an identity crisis: lethargic, plagued with infighting, and it had lost its innovative edge. But in the years since, Nadella has conducted a stunning turnaround.  That’s right. Satya Nadella made Microsoft cool again.

One way he did so was by transforming Microsoft’s meeting culture. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal a few years ago, Nadella shared his three rule method for better meetings and it looks like this:

1. Listen more.

2. Talk less.

3. Be decisive when the time comes.

Nadella’s advice may only be 10 words, but they’re packed with emotional intelligence. Let’s break down why this method is so brilliant. Read more here.

How to Create a Successful Employee Referral Program

An employee referral program can be an exceptional recruiting tool if done well. If the new hire feels loyalty towards the employee who referred them, they are more likely to stay longer. Once they get past the first 30-60 days, they become more engaged. This gives them time to adjust to the job and the company.

Here are some ideas about how to make your employee referral program effective:

Ensure Your Current Employees are Engaged

If you don’t have engaged employees or if they don’t like working there, they will not refer anyone. Ensure you have a strong leadership team, a good working environment, and you listen to your employee’s concerns. If you have a lot of turnover, it is important to find out why. Many bad bosses and even business owners blame the employees. But if you don’t fix the situation in your company, it will be hard to find loyal or engaged employees. Read more here.

8 Customer Engagement Strategies That Actually Work

Research shows, “Companies with the strongest omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain an average of 89% of their customers, as compared to 33% for companies with weak omnichannel strategies.” 

Up to two-thirds of a company’s profit relies on effective customer engagement. That’s precisely why the C-Suite of various companies rate customer engagement as the top strategic priority.

A customer-centric organization comes from a solid customer engagement strategy. It’s a great way to foster growth. Getting there means giving customers value that goes beyond a simple transactional relationship. Competition has moved past price. A great customer service strategy is what sets your business apart. Read more here.

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