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Small Business Link Roundup For October

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There are many great articles out on the web covering small business topics so we thought it would be a great addition to our blog page to find the best articles on entrepreneurship and small business each month and put them all in one place.

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Here are the best posts we found from the month of October:

Top 25 Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Facebook is a great platform to spread awareness about your small business. However, it can be tricky for small business owners to know where to start when it comes to their presence on the social media site. This article shows you a list of Facebook marketing tips to help you create a valuable Facebook page for your business, so you can start promoting your products and services to a wider audience. (read more)


How to Avoid 4 Key Causes of Failure

Surprisingly the majority of the causes of failure are self-inflicted. With just a little bit of care, research and forethought, many of them can be avoided. The article gives an example of a start-up launch, did you know that 95 percent of them fail and that the number one cause, which accounts for over 42 percent of the failures, is easily avoidable?. (read more)


10 Dumb Rules That Make Your Best People Want to Quit

It’s hard enough to attract and hold on to good employees–but to attract and hold onto the best employees is even harder. Occasionally they leave because of an opportunity they can’t pass up, but most of the time the cause lies with the company they’re leaving. Too many workplaces create rule-driven cultures that may keep management feeling like things are under control, but they squelch creativity and reinforce the ordinary.(read more)


How to Expand your Small Business Locally

Most small businesses get the majority of customers from the local community around them. But once you’ve settled into a place, it can be hard to attract new customers. There are still several ways that you can continue to spread the word about your business beyond your already loyal customer base. This article highlights a few things you can do to keep your small business thriving in your local community. (read more)


Why Employees Who Fit Your Culture Might Not Fit Your Goals 

We all know the importance of cultural fit, and how new employees or strategic partners need to have a good cultural fit with our organizations. However, while this is important, it all depends on what it is we are looking to achieve. The author gives an example of a 56-year-old unfit man, who decides that he wants to make some life changes, which isn’t that much of a stretch, and that he wants be fitter, slimmer, faster and more energetic. So he decides to join the local gym. (read more)


Five Skills That Make You a Great Leader

This last article is from our blog at ezClocker. We’ve all had managers that were good and managers that were bad throughout our careers, but what makes a great manager and how can we inspire to be one for our employees? I interviewed several employees to get their perspective and boiled it down to the following five attributes (read more).

Author: Raya Khashab

Raya is the CEO and co-founder of ezClocker. She is passionate about customers and building products that change the way people run their business. She is also a big supporter of the startup community and helping people achieve their dreams.

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