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11 Best Lawn Care Apps in 2024

lawn care app ezclocker
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Today, technology is transforming the way businesses operate, and the lawn care industry is no exception. For business owners running lawn care enterprises, the use of the right apps can save time, hassles, and even money, which makes it crucial for you to know the best lawn care apps available to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and ultimately increase profitability. 

Lawn care businesses are on the rise. According to Statista, the landscaping services industry generated about $170 billion in revenue in 2022, with the top three landscaping services companies in the United States all generating an annual revenue of well over one billion U.S. dollars in that year. 

To thrive in this competitive environment, it’s essential to have the right strategies and resources at your disposal. Thankfully, we’ve listed the top lawn care apps to help you make the right decisions for your business.

Benefits of Using Lawn Care Business Apps

There’s no denying the importance of lawn care business apps; however, in order to make the most of these tools, you have to know the benefits of having them at your disposal. So, let’s quickly look at the benefits of using lawn care apps for your business before venturing into the specifics of the best apps in the market.

Reduced Expenses

One of the greatest benefits of using lawn care business apps is the reduction of business expenses.

For starters, many lawn care apps come with introductory trial periods. During this time, you can see whether or not the app works for you. Then, if the lawn care business app turns out to be a good fit, you’ll only have to pay a modest monthly fee to use the app.

Many lawn care business apps also have a series of important business features. Some of these features include time tracking, accounting, bookkeeping, etc. Therefore, using a lawn care business app can save you many fees in the long term. 

Becoming More Competitive

In any business, the ability to be competitive is essential to survival. Enterprises that are not competitive will subsequently become obsolete. For these reasons, using lawn care business apps is so critical.

With lawn care apps, you have the ability to track the jobs of your employees. As a result, you can monitor productivity, completed work, and other critical aspects of your lawn care business. Having more information at your disposal is always helpful; this ultimately enables you to determine if everything is running smoothly or if changes are necessary.

Different lawn care business apps have various features that allow for greater competitiveness. This gives you an advantage against other enterprises in the lawn care sector. Lawn care business apps can also assist with providing the best service to your clients.

Saved Time

There’s no denying that running a lawn care business can be time consuming; hence, this is all the more reason why using technology like apps can benefit you. With lawn care business apps, you can review all kinds of data and records. Also, many of these business apps allow you to share schedules with employees, keep track of workers’ hours, etc. By being able to review and carry out important details and responsibilities on a lawn care business app, you save yourself time, resources, and energy.

Choosing the Right Lawn Care App for Your Business

Selecting the right lawn care apps is crucial for maximizing efficiency, improving customer service, and ultimately growing your business. With numerous options available, it’s essential to consider several key factors before making your decision.

Business Size and Needs

The size and needs of your lawn care business will dictate which app is the best fit for managing your operations.

  • Solo Operator: If you’re a one-person company just starting out, you probably want to keep things simple. Look for an easy-to-learn app with features like scheduling, sending invoices, and managing customer information. These core functionalities can help any business do wonders in terms of organizing day-to-day operations.

  • Small to Medium-Sized Business: As your business begins to grow, so will its needs. So, you may find yourself wanting a lawn care apps that can help track where your crews are working or manage schedules for multiple team members. That should affect your choice of an app. Alternatively, your small business might need assistance with marketing efforts aimed at attracting new customers.

  • Large Enterprise: Larger companies have more complex requirements when it comes to software selection. This is no different within the lawn care industry, either. Robust systems may include advanced scheduling tools for juggling multiple teams/jobs, detailed reports revealing business performance insights. Also the integration capabilities with other software, such as accounting packages are all aimed at ensuring that there is enough functionality available within one package.

Specific Features

Think about the features that would make the biggest impact on your business and business operations. Do you need a way to quickly send estimates and proposals to clients? Are you looking to streamline your invoicing process and accept payments online? Maybe you want to track your employees’ hours and location to make sure everything is running smoothly. These are all questions to consider when evaluating different apps.


Your financial plan also has an impact on what you choose. Fortunately, many applications have trial versions for free use before upgrading to premium. Additionally, they may present prices on multiple levels, allowing you to choose which one best suits your wallet.

Ease of Use

Ease of use and the ability to be used on mobile devices are important, especially if you and your team are always on the go. A convoluted application does not pair well with being outside or in a remote area, for example. If there is an issue that arises or a question that needs answering, it would be nice for the customer support service to actually work.

Integration with Other Tools

If you already use accounting software like QuickBooks, Xero, or customer relationship management (CRM) software, look for a lawn care app that can integrate with these platforms to streamline your workflow. This can save you time and hassle by eliminating the need to manually transfer data between different systems.

Reviews and Recommendations

Reading online reviews and talking to other lawn care professionals can give you valuable insights into the pros and cons of different apps. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations in online forums or social media groups. The lawn care community is often happy to share their experiences.

When selecting among these options, think about how each one may affect your company’s productivity levels and financial gains. You have to do this comparatively before settling for any particular choice. That should ideally help you save time while working towards improving efficiency.

As a result, this will enable you to identify an appropriate software solution that can act as a perfect tool for your enterprise to help save time and enhance revenue streams by increasing output per unit of input.

Best Lawn Care Business Apps

The following lawn care apps are the best ones to consider for your business.


ezclocker lawn care app

One of the reasons we picked ezClocker as one of the best apps for lawn care businesses is due to its high rating of 4.8/5.0* in the AppStore and being affordable! ezClocker’s base price starts at $12/month up to 15 employees so if you have 2 or 15 employees you pay one flat fee of $12/month.

This affordability is echoed in a case study by ezClocker, where Matthew Brown of Matthew’s Grounds Maintenance notes that he appreciates “the affordability of the app, and the fact that the cost is consistent every month so that he can budget for it.”

According to other users’ reviews, users find ezClocker easy to use and affordable. Comments like “Best decision EVER!”,“Simple. Powerful. Intuitive“, and “Wonderful Application!” tell you how much people love this app. 

In fact, in the case study, Matthew Brown’s office manager, Maxx Reich said that the app was easy to use. He said, “ezClocker is very simple. You just send the guys an email, they download the app, click the link, and they’re already in. Done.” Pete Ciotti, another landscaping business owner featured in an ezClocker case study found it simple and intuitive as well after having problems with a different time tracking solution

Let’s face it: when you have a not-so-tech-savvy crew, you need to look for an app that is easy to use and also workable within your budget and ezClocker serves for both.


ezClocker isn’t just a simple time clock; it’s a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline operations and empower lawn care businesses. Let’s explore some of the key features that make ezClocker a top choice for managing your workforce:

Time Tracking

ezClocker changes how lawn care teams monitor their work hours. Workers can clock in and out using their personal smartphones, which gets rid of the need for paper timesheets or difficult manual inputting. Furthermore, the app’s GPS feature makes sure that employees are on the right job sites when they clock in. This capability was crucial for Matthew’s Grounds Maintenance, as the company grew and Matthew Brown “got busier, the Excel method was taking up valuable time that he could have been spending communicating with customers.”ezClocker’s digital solution addressed this issue for his business.

The time tracking feature is especially useful for lawn care companies with crews based at different places since it gives them an up-to-the-minute view of where their workers are.

ezClocker doesn’t just do time tracking through clock-ins and clock-outs. With this app, employees can attach notes to their time entries. And with this, they can easily keep track of specific tasks or project details while working on various jobs within a single day. Lawn care teams whose members may spend different amounts of time with different clients or on different services could benefit from that. Besides this, employers receive immediate notifications every time someone clocks in/out. And that will keep them updated about what’s happening and allowing prompt response if necessary.


Efficient scheduling is crucial for lawn care businesses, and ezClocker simplifies this process significantly. The software has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for managers to create, edit, and share shifts even when dealing with teams that have different or complicated working hours. This ensures that each employee knows what’s expected of them thereby reducing instances of miscommunication which can lead to missed appointments. It could be deploying particular crews to various sites at once or even allowing for personal time off requests. The scheduling tools provided by ezClocker are flexible enough while still giving one control over their operations.

This scheduling features of ezClocker are designed to work seamlessly with its timekeeping capabilities. Employers can therefore restrict clock-ins based on some rules relating to when an employee is allowed to start working so as to prevent coming in too early or causing overtime situations. For example, if a team is supposed to begin working at 9 am then no one should be able to clock in until 8:45 am which reduces chances of unnecessary overtime payments. Moreover, there exists an option within the app that allows you to duplicate schedules & shifts. This option comes in handy when dealing with tasks that happen repeatedly or follow seasonal patterns thus saving time and minimizing errors.

GPS Verification

One of ezClocker’s standout features for lawn care businesses is its GPS verification capability. When employees clock in or out using the mobile app, a GPS time stamp is recorded which allows you to verify that your employees clocked in and out of the right locations. This real time location tracking provides a powerful tool for ensuring accountability and transparency. With that, employers can have peace of mind knowing that their teams are where they’re supposed to be, and not taking extended breaks or detours.

For lawn care businesses with mobile crews working across various sites, GPS verification is invaluable. It enables managers to monitor employee locations remotely and verify that teams are arriving at job sites on time. They can also track progress throughout the day. This level of oversight can help improve efficiency, optimize routes, and ensure that clients receive timely service. Imagine being able to quickly identify which crew is closest to a new job request, or being able to verify that a specific task was completed at the right address. This level of visibility can lead to more efficient scheduling, faster response times, and ultimately, happier customers.

Labor Job Costs

Managing labor costs is essential for any lawn care business. Any lawn care business must handle labor costs. Through its job list feature, ezClocker makes this process easier. On the one hand, managers can give specific employees or groups certain tasks and workers can choose their assigned duties while signing in. This will aid in tracking time spent on each job so that it becomes easy to calculate accurate labor costs.

Archiving completed or outdated tasks is another function of the job list feature. It ensures that an employee sees only what is necessary when clocking in. It also assists in maintaining a neat workflow especially when there are many ongoing projects. Furthermore, ezClocker has reporting capabilities whereby job reports can be exported easily. This provides comprehensive breakdowns of hours worked on every task. Such information is vital for estimating future labor expenses and ensuring correct client billing.


ezClocker’s robust reporting capabilities provide valuable insights into your workforce’s time and activities. Employers can easily export timesheets in various formats, including PDF and CSV. In Pete Ciotti’s case study, he highlights how ezClocker’s reporting feature simplifies payroll processing, allowing him to “tally hours worked and send them to his accountant in mere minutes.” The PDF format includes signatures and dates, ensuring the authenticity of the documents. And that can be crucial for compliance and record-keeping purposes.

The app offers a range of reports. These reports include individual timesheets for specific pay periods, categorized by employee name or date. They provide a detailed overview of hours worked, clock-in/out times, and overtime calculations. This wealth of data helps lawn care business owners make informed decisions about staffing, project timelines, and resource allocation. For example, managers can identify peak work hours, track overtime trends, and even pinpoint potential areas for efficiency improvements.

Beyond individual timesheets, ezClocker’s reporting capabilities extend to project-based reports. 

Time Off

Managing employee time off can be a hassle, but ezClocker simplifies it with its intuitive time-off request and tracking feature. Employees can easily request time off directly through the app. They can specify the dates, type of leave (paid or unpaid), and any relevant notes. Managers receive these requests instantly. But they can approve or deny the request with a few taps on their devices.

This simplified process removes the need for paper forms or manual tracking. That helps in saving valuable time for both employees and managers.

Preventing Overtime

Controlling labor costs is a top priority for lawn care businesses, and ezClocker helps achieve this by preventing unnecessary overtime. With this app, supervisors are able to decide how soon before their shifts should employees clock in. That feature blocks such situations when individuals come earlier than they’re supposed to. This typically results in additional unplanned payments for overtime. For example, an employer can create a policy that doesn’t allow staff members to clock in earlier than 15 minutes prior to their scheduled start. So, if their shift starts at 9:00 AM and they arrive at 8:45 AM, the ezClocker app will prevent them from clocking in until their scheduled start time.

Kiosk App

ezClocker’s iPad kiosk time clock app is a convenient solution for businesses that prefer a centralized time clock station. By transforming any tablet into a dedicated time tracking terminal, ezClocker eliminates the need for individual employee devices or complex login procedures. Employees simply enter their unique PIN code to clock in and out, making the process quick and easy.

The Kiosk app is ideal for lawn care businesses with multiple employees working at a single location, such as a warehouse, garage, or central office. It simplifies time tracking, reduces the risk of failed clocking. As a result, it ensures accurate time records for payroll and billing purposes.

Payroll Integrations

ezClocker streamlines payroll processing by integrating with popular payroll software platforms. This allows for seamless export of timesheet data. And that removes the need for manual data entry thereby reducing the risk of errors. With ezClocker’s payroll integrations, businesses can save time and ensure accurate payroll calculations, ultimately improving efficiency and compliance.

The app currently supports integrations with leading payroll providers like Paychex, ADP Workforce Now, Gusto, and ACS Technologies. This means that lawn care businesses can easily transfer employee time and attendance data to their preferred payroll system with just a few clicks. That can get rid of the need for manual data entry, thus reducing the risk of errors.

Need an Affordable Mobile Time Tracking App for Your Employees?

Field Promax 

If you are looking for cost-effective and user-friendly field service management software, Field Promax is the best option in the market for you. Field Promax provides you with various features that companies can customize to suit your business and requirements. The software comes with a mobile app that is very efficient for technicians on the field and off the field. It helps bridge the office and the field in real-time and instant support. Also, the software enhances teamwork and excellent communication to avoid misunderstandings, wrong information, and perfect guidance on the field. 


  • Instant estimates and invoices generation with the customer’s digital authorization
  • Unlimited access to a customer database with the help of QuickBooks online integration
  • Access to essential data from the cloud on all devices and locations.
  • 24/7 tracking attributes on your technicians on the field, technician performance, company performance rate, working hours, equipment, and more with just a click.

Furthermore, Field Promax provides a comprehensive view of the assigned schedules and dispatches on the calendar. In addition to that, it also offers timely reminders and notifications to keep your staff updated. 


Quickbooks time TSheets app for lawn care

Another great app is GorillaDesk. For starters, this app provides a free 14-day trial period. With the free trial, you can try out GorillaDesk without a credit card for two weeks and see how you like it.

This particular app has a series of great business features. These features include setting job schedules, collecting payments, invoicing, etc. With GorillaDesk, you also have the added benefits of optimizing daily routes, observing team progress, and more.

Lawn Buddy

Just like GorillaDesk, Lawn Buddy is another awesome app that can greatly help your lawn care business. With Lawn Buddy, some of the greatest features include automatic invoicing, GPS tracking, and even a variety of pricing options.

Lawn Buddy is great for lawn care companies seeking to be competitive and grow. Project estimation tools, marketing assistance, customer management features, etc., are each great tools provided by this business app.

QuickBooks Time

With QuickBooks Time, time tracking is just one of several available benefits of this app. In addition to time tracking, access to interactive reports, reminders for workers to clock in/out of the job. The lawn care software also has easy scheduling which is one of the benefits QuickBooks Time has to offer. 

This particular lawn service business app also works across multiple technological devices. Lawn care service businesses that value ease of use and productivity will certainly appreciate QuickBooks Time.


busybody lawn care app

The BusyBusy business app is great for time tracking and helping businesses manage workers. With BusyBusy, lawn care enterprises have several key benefits. Some of these benefits include signature time cards, daily reports, and also labor budgets.

Lawn care businesses that use BusyBusy can furthermore reap the rewards of a management software designed to save time and boost profits.

Lawn Pro

lawnpro for lawn care businesses

With Lawn Pro, lawn care businesses are provided with many great benefits. These benefits entail easily transferring estimates into invoices, visit scheduling, property measurement/prices, and also much more.

As one of the top lawn care business software, Lawn care Pro makes it easy for lawn care businesses to get the landscaping or lawn mowing job done. Along the way, this app also saves business owners time and unnecessary stress. 


jobber lawn care app

Jobber is all about making the task of running a lawn care business smoother and easier. This happens through a diverse set of features. Specifically, these features include, but aren’t restricted to progress tracking, reviewing customer information, etc.

With Jobber, lawn care business owners can enjoy additional app benefits. Some of these app benefits entail a free 14-day trial, support with administrative tasks, and also much more.


Expensify to help lawn care businesses

Lawn care businesses can greatly benefit from the Expensify app. Specifically, this lawn care software has many awesome features that are of value to lawn care businesses. Some great examples of these awesome features include expense management, receipt tracking, and even tax tracking.

All in all, Expensify is a wonderful app to help lawn care businesses stay on top of their finances.


invoice2go for landscape businesses

The Invoice2go app comes with many assets for lawn care businesses. And these assets include the necessary features to ensure that enterprises are able to conduct business and stay ahead of the game.

Some of the best Invoice2go features include the following: monthly email reports, invoice tracking, and also the ability to send out estimates. Invoice2go is a great financial asset for any lawn care business.


planimeter for landscape

With Planimeter, lawn care and landscaping businesses have great locations tracking services. Moreover, this particular app centers around measuring land areas and distances. And this can come in handy for businesses responsible for lawn care services.

Planimeter has several valuable features. These features include location tracking on multiple devices and pin measures. It also has the ability to do outdoor assignments on satellite maps.


The lawn care industry has always been known for its use of technology. In 2024, however, it is no longer just a passing trend to utilize mobile applications — it is necessary in order to stay competitive and efficient. In this article, we have reviewed eleven different lawn care apps that can help with scheduling and payment organization. It also provide teams with real-time data sharing capabilities.

To choose the right app for your needs, you should consider your lawn care or landscaping business size, specific requirements, budget limitations, and feature sets that align with your goals closely enough. Also, testing out multiple options through free trials before settling on any one particular service is fine.

By embracing these technological possibilities, you will turn your company into an operating machine that provides the most outstanding service while using the least resources, hence ensuring sustainable growth.


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