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Small Business Link Roundup For September, 2021

small biz roundup 0921
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Here are the best articles we found for the month of September:

10 Best Apps for Home Care Providers in 2021

The care and services given by home care providers are of deep importance. As more people age in the years to come, the demand for home care providers is only going to increase. This makes the need for home care providers that much more important; the same also applies to having the right technology for home care providers to use.

In this day and age, home care apps are going to be the best technological tools for home care providers. The right technology comes with many benefits; these benefits make the jobs of home care providers easier. In turn, this betters the care that older people are able to receive from home care providers.

In a world where technology is prevalent and used in virtually every life aspect, knowing the benefits of using home care apps is a must. The following apps are the best on the market for home care providers. Read more here.

6 Steps to Offering Tough Feedback, and Why It’s a Crucial Skill for Every Leader

It’s a beautiful, sunny Saturday afternoon, and I am listening to my coaching client discuss a repeating altercation she has experienced with her peer. Let’s call this individual Dan. It’s been another week of Dan critiquing her projects and team members during the staff meeting. She doesn’t think that Dan acts this way intentionally, not necessarily, but he continues to act this way unabated, dropping passive aggressive comments and laughing down her suggestions week after week after week. Every time she pursues a conversation with him to discuss his behavior, he responds with shock at the suggestion that his manner is nothing other than stellar, essentially gaslighting her.  Read more here.

Тeam, Мarket And Product: A Summary Of The Most Important Things To Keep In Mind As A Startup Founder

The team, the market, and the product are the three legs that hold up any startup project. If you have a serious problem with any of the three, the project will inevitably crumble to the ground. Getting this particular trifecta right is a must.

Because of this, it is imperative that you know what the fundamentals of these three aspects of startups are in case you plan to start your own project.

Startup Team Fundamentals

The cliché when it comes to startup founders is that they are college dropouts with an extreme passion for what they are doing. While this might be true in some cases, this is far from what is important when it comes to a startup team. Read more here.

How to Get Clients for Your Home Care Agency

According to Grand View Research, the worldwide home care market has a valuation of over $281 billion. Furthermore, this market is expected to surge in the coming years; as more people age, the demand for home care, home care workers, etc., is only going to increase.

There’s no denying the demand for home care services; however, getting clients for your home care agency is essential to the agency’s success. Even with a thriving home care market, there are still certain methods to employ to attract clients. Knowing these methods makes a difference; it can ensure both short-term and long-term success for your home care agency. Read more here.

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