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Small Business Link Roundup For September, 2017

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Here are some of the best articles we found in the month of September:


3 Lessons Great Leaders Learn Only After They Fail

John Brandon shares his failures and what lessons he learned from them. Brandon says: If you don’t over-communicate, you will fail. It takes hard work. You have to be intentional about it, explaining things with just the right amount of detail, then explaining them again. You have to ask employees: “Do you get it? Is it clear? Are we on the same page?” If you fail to over-communicate, you will slip into a role of mere information provider. Your employees will hear you, but they won’t listen. They won’t react, respond, and do the work. (read more here).


How to Run a Small Business on a Tight Budget

One way to run a business on a tight budget is to pick a low-cost business. Pick a service-based business for example where you can start at a low cost. Consulting, caregiving, pet training, content writing and cleaning businesses are just a few examples that can be launched for less than $100. Selling a service means you don’t have to purchase inventory or pay shipping expenses. However, some service-based businesses don’t lend themselves to low startup costs. Particularly if major equipment is needed to perform the service. So keep this in mind when choosing. (read more here).


8 Ways to Structure Your Daily Grind for Success

When you think of working hard for what you want, does that thought carry a deeply unexpressed negative vibe of dread, or are your thoughts of succeeding soaked in desire?

If you want to be successful you must dream, yearn, want and, most importantly, you must consistently be in pursuit. Success is not just about money; it is about grinding for what you want, it’s about having the heart to grab the dream you envision in your mind. Success will always bring unexpected challenges and obstacles. How willing are you to face and overcome these challenges? Who you are, standing face-to-face with obstacles, defines the depth of your character, and it’s your character that defines how successful you will or will not become. (read more here).


How Grammarly Grew to 6.9 Million Daily Users in 9 Years

Since 2008, Grammarly has quietly grown one of the most successful self-funded products on the web.

Co-founders Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn built a wide product over the past nine years and achieved massive adoption. To date, Grammarly’s free Chrome extension has been downloaded 10 million times, and the company has 6.9 million daily active users. Year after year, Grammarly has annually doubled key metrics like users and revenue.

This year, it raised money for the first time—a $110 million investment led by General Catalyst. (read more here).


Effective Interviewing Tips and Tricks to Find the Ideal Employee

Finding the perfect employee for your small business can be tricky. You don’t want to make a mistake in your hiring decisions which could negatively impact your company in a costly way. According to a CareerBuilder survey, over 60% of employers have said their businesses have been affected by a bad hire and cost them at least $25,000, with some costing them over $50,000.

What makes for a perfect employee? You are looking for someone that has the right skillset, attitude, and manner that fits with your business and employees. It may be easy to find someone with the hard skills you need (e.g., a construction worker’s ability to build a road or a house) because you can test those skills. It is not always easy to find an employee with the soft skills that are needed. (read more here).


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Author: Raya Khashab

Raya is the CEO and co-founder of ezClocker. She is passionate about customers and building products that change the way people run their business. She is also a big supporter of the startup community and helping people achieve their dreams.

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