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Small Business Link Roundup For October, 2018

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Here are some of the best articles we found in the month of October:


The Biggest Mistake Entrepreneurs Make? Believing That They’re Irreplaceable.


A well-known phrase beloved by entrepreneurs everywhere says that, “Investors invest in people, not companies.” And any entrepreneur with a long list of ideas will almost certainly appreciate that notion because it indicates that an investor will be awarding him (or her) considerable flexibility to pursue an idea that seems potentially profitable.

the entrepreneurs, meanwhile, may be excited by the idea that they can empower a team to chase success in ways that reduce their — the entrepreneurs’ — risk.

Unfortunately, entrepreneurs enamored with the idea that they are “investable” are the same ones who believe that their businesses will live and die on their efforts alone. But that’s a flawed idea, because while feeling irreplaceable may be confidence-building, it’s also ultimately fear-inducing. Read more here.


The Ultimate Guide to Starting Your Own Small Business


Starting your own small business can be exciting to think about when you are ready to take your career to the next level. Many people have the entrepreneurial spirit and are ready to launch their own small business. The more information you have about starting your business, the best chance it has for survival. Although many small businesses fail, many survive past the fifth year.

According to the Small Business Administration (SBA):

  • About two-thirds of businesses with employees survive at least two years.
  • About one-half of businesses with employees survive five years.
  • Survival rates are similar across industries

By conducting thorough research about your potential customers, your competitors, and the industry, you have a better chance to succeed. Many times, you uncover important information with great research. Then, you can make good decisions with the information you uncover. The following steps should be followed to help you effectively start your own small business. Read more here.


How to Reinvent Yourself and Become the Successful Entrepreneur You’ve Always Wanted to Be


Reinventing yourself means you have to accept and agree to change yourself, which may mean changing the way you think, the way you live, the people you associate with, the way you do business and so forth. As you grow and mature, your priorities change and you gain valuable resources to help you achieve your goals. The world around you also keeps changing, so you need to adapt and explore. If you don’t stay current, you run the risk of falling behind your competitors and missing opportunities. Or maybe you just have a desire to expand into something new.


7 Reasons Why You Need a Time Tracking App For Your Construction Company


It is important to have the right tools when you own a construction business. This includes software or online tools as well. One important tool is owning a mobile time clock app. It will help you manage your time and your labor for your construction crew.

Managing labor can be difficult and tracking your labor costs is important. This is why hourly employees punch in and out on a time clock. Punching in and out is essential because it provides the required documentation for your hourly employees to get paid. But, there are easier methods than punching in and out. Your time tracking software eliminates a lot of hassle for you and your employees.

By using a time clock app, you will find managing your day-to-day business and your employees will improve. Read more here.


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Author: Raya Khashab

Raya is the CEO and co-founder of ezClocker. She is passionate about customers and building products that change the way people run their business. She is also a big supporter of the startup community and helping people achieve their dreams.

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