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Small Business Link Roundup For April, 2017

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Check out these great articles for the month of April:


Why Night Runner’s Shark Tank Deal Fell Through — And Why It Didn’t Matter

After Doug Storer tripped on a pothole while jogging in the dark four years ago, he and his wife Renata got the idea for Night Runner, a pair of rechargeable LED lights that clip onto running shoes and illuminate the trail ahead. Doug, 55, had spent his career in sales for construction and architecture firms and Renata, 54, had worked in corporate interior design. They sunk $30,000 they raised from friends and family into a prototype, then collected enough from a Kickstarter campaign to get the company off the ground. Their first big break came when a friend helped them score a spot on the TV show Innovation Nation, which propelled sales and gave them the confidence to audition for Shark Tank..(read more here).


Want to Grow your Small Business? Become an Expert

A friend of mine told me once how her small business grew expediently when she started speaking in front of a group of people, to the point where they would follow her as she was leaving the event to ask questions and get appointments from her. What did she do differently? She showcased her expertise by speaking about a subject she knew well (hormonal health and treatment) to the right audience. Now you might be thinking I just own a small business like a Janitorial, Landscape or Construction company how would this apply to me? It’s the same concept. Learn how to become an expert..(read more here).


To Achieve Success You Have to Move Past Working 9-5

Working 9-5 is outdated. The world runs 24/7, but that doesn’t mean you must. Things have changed and you’re about to learn how to achieve success without working the 9-5 routine your parents did. Before we go into exactly how to achieve success, you need to keep in mind that the world has changed forever. The internet is the new printing press. It’s the new library. It’s the new database under no real controlling body. You can use it anywhere in the world at any time. Use this principle to achieve success..(read more here)


The 10 Tools That Will Help Your Small Business Save Time

Running a small business is quite the feat to take on – it is often tiring, exhausting, and you can even be left feeling helpless at the end of the day. While you hopefully have a wonderful and flawless business plan and model in mind, it’s how you manage your time can make all the difference! Here is a list of time-saving tools for your small business to help you..(read more here).


Understanding Your Gaps: Why Some People Succeed and Others Don’t 

Do you ever wonder why some people succeed and others don’t? We’ve all seen deserving people who never quite got things off the ground, and others who made it look easy. It doesn’t always seem to make sense. Over the past three decades of coaching top leaders and entrepreneurs all over the world, I have worked with every type of person and every type of personality you can imagine. The thing I’ve found consistently in people who succeed is the understanding that the same traits that made them successful have a flip side–an opposing counterpart–that can lead to their downfall through a gap in their leadership. Here is a summary of the seven archetypes and their gaps: (read more here).


Author: Raya Khashab

Raya is the CEO and co-founder of ezClocker. She is passionate about customers and building products that change the way people run their business. She is also a big supporter of the startup community and helping people achieve their dreams.

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