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Small Business Link Roundup For March, 2019

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Here are some of the best articles we found this month for our small business link roundup:

4 Ideas to Build a Healthier Money Mindset if Your Startup Is Burning Through Cash

Having the right mindset about money can help a founder stay lean with his or her spending — even when revenue starts rolling in. It’s not about being miserly with money. A money mindset involves being smarter about spending, saving, and investing.

In order to develop a money mindset, it helps to know what that involves. A mindset is a belief system and accompanying attitude about something. It can be about intelligence, success, skills and talents. And, it can be about money. Read more here.

Best Mobile Time Clock Apps for Small Business in 2019

There are many benefits of keeping track of your employee’s hours like accountability and saving money but finding the best time clock app can be a challenge. When evaluating your options, be sure to look at the app’s pricing as well as its features.

You may not need all the fancy options that an app is advertising and instead decide to go with a simpler, more affordable solution. You might also find that your employees own a smartphone (iPhone or Android) but they’re not tech-savvy, so the time it takes to get them on board and familiarized with the system might be a factor in deciding which app to use. Read more here.

You Have a Product, Now You Need a Strategy

Startups pushing to enter the market at just the right moment have no time to rest on their laurels after coming up with a great idea. But many still make the mistake of moving forward without a detailed strategy for turning that burst of inspiration into reality.

A study featured in Entrepreneur cites a “lack of persistence” as the third most common reason why startups fail. Without a clear strategy, companies often get sidetracked. Constant changes in direction can result in wasted money, time and energy.

Once your company’s mission, or North Star, is solidly in focus, it’s time to start plotting a course that will ensure the company reaches its goals. Taking a systematic approach, in which big ideas are broken down into measurable objectives, can help teams stay organized and accountable as they plot a roadmap toward eventual exit. Read more here.

4 Email Marketing Fails That You Can Learn From

The first stage in the formation of Internet marketing was marked by the development of email distribution. We are all well aware of how overwhelming an inbox can be, with loads of emails that offer a range of products, ranging from miraculous cosmetics, to legal services, or even “natural male enhancement”, or messages from Nigerian princes. In many cases, these emails are marketing fails, especially if they don’t follow the core principle of Internet marketing: personalization.

Since the infancy of Internet marketing, a lot has changed. The development of browsers and search engines has allowed marketers to get more complete information about the interests of users, identify their needs, and determine their degree of readiness to make a purchase. Read more here.

7 Challenges of Running a Small Business

Running a small business is exciting to many people but it can be difficult at times. Although there are some challenges when you start your own small business, many of these challenges are fixable. 

According to the Small Business Administration (SBA):

  • About two-thirds of businesses with employees survive at least two years.
  • About one-half of businesses with employees survive five years.
  • Survival rates are similar across industries

There are many employees who would like to work for a small business. Either they are new and need to be trained or they’re experienced people who feel they want to leave a big corporation.  Read more here.

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