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How to Get Clients for Your Home Care Agency

finding home care clients
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According to Grand View Research, the worldwide home care market has a valuation of over $281 billion. Furthermore, this market is expected to surge in the coming years; as more people age, the demand for home care, home care workers, etc., is only going to increase.

There’s no denying the demand for home care services; however, getting clients for your home care agency is essential to the agency’s success. Even with a thriving home care market, there are still certain methods to employ to attract clients. Knowing these methods makes a difference; it can ensure both short-term and long-term success for your home care agency.

Five Ways to Get Clients For Your Home Care Agency

Clients are essential to any business, especially one centered around home care. This is why the following five strategies are vital for getting clients for your home care agency.

Advertise and Market Your Agency

One of the most essential steps towards getting home care agency clients is advertising and marketing your business. People need to know your agency exists; they also must be cognizant of how your agency can meet their requirements or the requirements of their loved ones in need of home care.

Putting together a website and social media presence are some of the best ways to advertise and market your agency. You want your website and business pages on Facebook, Instagram, etc. to inform what your agency has to offer; it is also important to communicate how you can meet the needs of those seeking home care. Finally, both your website and social media pages should make it easy for people with questions to locate and contact your agency.

Business cards, posters and leaflets are additional tools that are great for advertising and marketing; you will generally want to hand these out at events and in other appropriate settings.

Meet with Others in Your Industry

When you’re working on getting home care agency clients, it can be easy to get tunnel vision; however, reaching out to other people in your industry is an awesome way to bring in new clients for your home care agency.

Setting up meetings with social workers, hospital discharge organizers, staffers at medical centers, etc., can be a great way to bridge the gap between your agency and clients. One of the best ways to do this by attending relevant community service events; more often than not, these events will occur in senior event meetings, retirement communities, and even churches.

Always remember: expanding your audience always increases your likelihood of growing your clientele base.

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Become Part of the Right Organizations

Just like meeting with people in your industry, becoming part of the right organizations can be a strong asset in getting new home care agency clients.

Do some research and see if you’re able to join home care organization at the local, state, and even national levels. Once you become part of a home care organization, you can then work to earn different accreditations.

Earning these accreditations will definitely request an investment of time and energy; although, in the long run, accreditations will boost the reputation of your home care agency. They will also demonstrate your agency’s seriousness and commitment to exceptional care. Finally, the right accreditations give you the chance to stand out from other competitors that are also vying for home care clients.

Do Some Volunteer Work

On the surface, volunteer work may seem disconnected from getting more clients for your home care agency; nevertheless, the two are more connected than most people think.

Some of the best areas to pursue volunteer work include blood drives, soup kitchens, health fairs, and different charities. Volunteer work in these areas puts you in contact with prospect clients and or other people who may know someone in need of home care. With consistent volunteer work, you can show communities that care for others, integrity, and compassion are the guiding principles of your home care agency.

While volunteering, you should also make sure to have business cards, leaflets, and flyers with you. These are great to give out and allow people to look into your agency.

Get Referrals from Hospitals and Healthcare Workers

Word-of-mouth can be a priceless asset for just about any business; although, for home care agencies, the value of recommendations, professionally known as referrals, from the healthcare community increases tenfold.

Getting your home care agency referred to people in need can be a gold mine for your business; however, it takes strategy to make this happen. The very first step to getting referrals from the healthcare community is figuring out which places in your community can and will refer your home care agency; some great places to begin looking include churches, senior centers, and other groups that work with older people.

Next comes reaching out to these sources. Face-to-face interaction are generally more recommended than emails or letters; in person contact allows your referral sources to put a face to your agency; it also boosts their likelihood of being comfortable enough to recommend your agency to others in good faith.

In seeking referrals from the healthcare community, be wiling to return the favor. Organizations are much likelier to work with you if they too are benefiting from the professional arrangement. After the proper vetting, be willing to pass out other agency’s business cards or let your clients know about other non-competitors in the healthcare community.


As you can imagine, getting clients for your home care agency is not an immediate, overnight endeavor. Building a client base takes consistency, networking, and high-quality service. It also involves investing in your business and being willing to work with other people.

There’s more good news, though. As your home care agency grows and develops a stellar reputation, getting clients will become less challenging. You will very likely find that more people seek you out as they hear great things about your agency and the quality of service provided to those in need of home care.

The work you put in now can only benefit your home care agency later.


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