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Small Business Link Roundup For November​, 2019

small biz link roundup nov, 2019
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Here are some of the best articles we found for our Link Roundup for November​, 2019:

5 Tips to Stop Entrepreneurial Stress Before It Starts

Entrepreneurship is a daily stress test. Sales fall through. Some marketing campaigns simply don’t deliver. Employees quit, occasionally in anger. Every entrepreneur will face those things. Why do some wallow in frustration, while others seem to bounce right back? Because some have learned how to keep stress at bay. Difficult though it may be in the moment, staying cool is actually easier than cooling down once you’re stressed. Here’s how to do it.

Every day, you spend at least a third, if not half, of your waking hours building your business. Committing to your company is a good thing, but don’t let it get in the way of your self-care. Starting each day with an activity that rejuvenates you creates a buffer against the stresses you’re sure to encounter during the workday. Read more here.

Best Time Clock Apps for Small Business in 2019

Finding the best time clock app for your small business can be such a challenge. With all of the available options to choose from, it can be tough to determine which time card app is best for your business.

As you evaluate your options, you should be sure to look at features and pricing models for the time card app. The best time tracking app is highly subjective and can vary. Some people may prefer fancier options and features; others may instead decide that the best time clock app is simpler and more affordable.

The type of phones (such as iPhones and Androids) which your employees own is another factor. If your employees are not as tech-savvy, then it can take time for them to get on board with the right time tracking app and decide which time card to use. Read more here.

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Ditch the Annual Performance Reviews. This is How Progressive Companies Do It

Have you ever met a manager or an employee who looks forward to the annual performance review process? It’s not likely. This SHRM study found that as many as 72% of companies still conduct yearly reviews even though 87% of both managers and employees find them ineffective. And, an Adobe study found that 41% of employees would go so far as to change jobs to avoid this grueling process. 

Have you ever been asked by a medical professional to rate your pain on a scale of zero to 10? It’s nearly impossible to label it with an absolute number. “Oh, it’s about a four-and-a-half,” you might say. Or, “Somewhere between five and eight.” 

Standard annual reviews ask managers to assign a numeric value to their employees’ performance, which is impossible. Performance and value are subjective, depending on the circumstances at any given moment. Employees are humans, not numbers; no one wants to be graded and labeled. Read more here.

How To Show Your Customers You Are Customer-Centred

Two research reports — “State of Service and “State of the Connected Customer” — explain what customers expect when it comes to customer service. By asking 3500 service leaders, 6700 customers and buyers — analysts hoped to answer a few pressing questions like:

  • Exactly what is ‘good customer service’ in this day and age
  • How to measure good customer service experiences
  • How to deliver good customer experiences

The reports shed a lot of light on what customers are thinking. Read more here.

How to Keep Your Employees Happy

It is important that your employees are happy while keeping customers satisfied and ensuring that the business runs smoothly.

Running your small business is like managing a family. In order to keep your small business running smoothly, you need to keep the family happy. Let’s be honest, managing other people is extremely difficult. As the head of a business, it is important for you to maintain your business image and brand. It is something that becomes more of a priority over time. 

It is extremely easy to overlook your employees when running a business, especially when you are busy. Keeping your employees happy is the key to running a successful business. If an employee feels undervalued and expendable, they are less likely to perform to their highest capability. Read more here.

Product Recommendation Popups: 7 Foolproof Ways to Boost Online Sales

Imagine, for a moment, walking into your favorite high-street store. You’re looking around, minding your own business, when a persistent sales assistant begins following you around, suggesting several relevant—yet expensive—items before you even get a chance to finish browsing.

Would you go back to that store, let alone buy any of those recommended products?

Probably not. And you’re not alone. Your website visitors feel the same way.

Many online stores add recommendations to their product pages, hoping to increase sales. But in reality, most product recommendations annoy customers because they target the wrong shoppers at the wrong time. Read more here.

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Author: Raya Khashab

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