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Small Business Link Roundup For August​, 2019

link roundup 2019 for small business
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Here are some of the best articles we found for our Link Roundup For August​, 2019:

4 Compelling Reasons to Bootstrap Your Company Instead of Raising Venture Capital

These days, raising venture capital is a glamorized accomplishment. Rounds are highly-publicized achievements, particularly among early-stage startups, and have most certainly become a badge of honor among founders and VCs, as they compete to source the best deals. But not too long ago, deal sizes were far smaller; rounds in the hundreds of millions of dollars were virtually unheard of. Instead of focusing on fundraising, companies focused on growth. It’s safe to say that a lot has changed. read more here.

How to Write an Attendance Policy for Your Small Business

Implementing an attendance policy may be necessary for your business.  You may have noticed increased absences, or you are writing a new employee handbook

A good attendance policy should be strict enough for the employer to discipline those with issues. It should be flexible enough, so you don’t lose your best employees who rarely miss work. Read more here.

These 5 Words Are What Separates Super Successful People From Those Who Get Stuck

Have you ever stopped to really consider how assumptions mold your behaviors and shape your life? Your assumptions can fuel dreams or derail them. They can stop progress in its tracks or keep you on track. successful people are able to self-impose limited thoughts or feed sky’s-the-limit thinking. They can elevate relationships or evaporate them. They are a force as felt as the driving rain.

Super successful people live in an orbit of positive, affirming assumptions. They place themselves in the center of a self-efficacy ellipse, with constant positive self-affirmations revolving around them. “Of course I’ll nail that presentation.” “I’ll crush this role to put me in good position for that promotion.” “I know I’m the best candidate for this award.” Read more here.

Why Employee Offboarding is Important for Your Small Business

When your employees leave your business, it is important to spend time offboarding them. It is much like onboarding, which is the process of integrating a new employee into your business. For offboarding, you are integrating an employee out of your business. 

Offboarding is a consistent approach to managing the departure of an employee from the business. It is to reduce risk and financial loss to your company. 

If you don’t have an offboarding process and checklist, your ex-employees could take home assets. These include cell phones, keys, passes, and other information. Once they leave, it is hard to retrieve these things later. 

A good offboarding process notifies all relevant parties in a business. These include HR, IT, payroll, the manager, and co-workers. Read more here.

13 TED Talks every sales and marketing pro should watch

TED Talks are a treasure trove of information and different perspectives.

And since you can watch a TED video on just about any topic, we’ve listed 13 of the most interesting and enlightening videos for sales and marketing professionals! 

While not all of these videos are about sales and/or marketing specifically, they can certainly apply to your functions (and maybe even just make you a more well-rounded person) — this collection includes useful advice both for interpersonal and practical skills. Read more here.

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