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The 9 Items You Need to Include in Your Employee Handbook

Share This:  Your employee handbook can be the backbone for your business if it is written clearly and concisely. Employees want clear expectations now more than ever. If a handbook is well written, the employee will see that the employer is consistent and there are no surprises. Once you find[…]

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An Easy Guide to Employee Discipline

Share This: Once you start hiring employees, at some point you may need to discipline them. Discipline can be difficult if you do not have clear guidelines, policies, or procedures. Establishing clear policies and procedures is essential for your small business.  Write an Employee Handbook Your employee handbook shares your expectations.[…]

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How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed By Your Business

Share This:Becoming overwhelmed when starting your own business is easy to do. You have dreamed about becoming your own boss and decided to try to become an entrepreneur. Then, after your business starts you are working long hours and days trying to grow your business to make a profit. You’re exhausted[…]

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Small Business Link Roundup For August​, 2019

Share This: Here are some of the best articles we found for our Link Roundup For August​, 2019: 4 Compelling Reasons to Bootstrap Your Company Instead of Raising Venture Capital These days, raising venture capital is a glamorized accomplishment. Rounds are highly-publicized achievements, particularly among early-stage startups, and have most[…]

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How to Write an Attendance Policy for Your Small Business

Share This:Implementing an attendance policy may be necessary for your business.  You may have noticed increased absences, or you are writing a new employee handbook.  You should include the following in your attendance policy: Your expectations How you will track attendance (how to clock in and out) Absences which will be excused[…]

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6 Tips to End the Year Strong for Your Small Business

Share This:The end of the year is a great time to organize your thoughts and think about what you need to improve for the following year. Think about adjustments you need to make. What could you do to improve yourself and your business?  What goals could you complete in these[…]

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How to Reduce Expenses for Your Lawn Care Business

Share This:  Lawn care business expenses can be difficult to endure, especially during off-season times. Annually, you should ensure you develop a budget and monitor it to see if you should make any necessary changes. If you are experiencing a low-profit margin, you may be searching for ideas to save[…]

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Pre-Screening Candidates: How to Develop a Detailed Process

Share This:As a small business owner, it is exciting when you start receiving applications or resumes for your newly posted positions. As you receive them, you should sort your resumes or applications by which ones you would like to proceed with and which ones you don’t. Then you can start[…]

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7 Challenges of Running a Small Business

Share This:Running a small business is exciting to many people but it can be difficult at times. Although there are some challenges when you start your own small business, many of these challenges are fixable.  According to the Small Business Administration (SBA): About two-thirds of businesses with employees survive at least two[…]

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