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10 Life Hacks to Help Manage Time

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I find myself losing track of entire days as I sift my way from project-to-project, essay-to-essay, as well as figuring out how to manage my day and the scariness of the real world. In the hustle and bustle of life, I have to remember that managing my time is the key to getting things done.

When it comes to running or working for a business, time management is the key to avoid overwhelming yourself so that you have the best mindset, environment, and amount of time to get your necessary work done. Here are 10 great life hacks to help you manage your time wisely.


  1. Plan ahead

As a self-proclaimed master procrastinator, it is extremely enticing for me to lose my way and binge-watch the newest Netflix or HBO hit series while knowingly avoiding my problems. In order for me to allow myself to continue this charade, I remind myself to plan ahead. After many run-ins with dreadful all-nighters and sleep-deprived days, I had to learn to manage my work in stride. Set up a plan to do your work – over the course of a week, a month, etc. Give yourself space to do work! Time doesn’t always have to be of the essence, and the sooner you finish your work, the more time you have to kick back and finish those shows!


  1. Take care of your mind

Be kind to yourself when you have a lot on your plate. As cheesy and emotional as this may be, you wake up and go to bed with yourself at night, so it is important that you like yourself and are constantly proud of your accomplishments! As daunting as difficult tasks and overall life may be, staying motivated and keeping your head in the game is dire to getting things done! Keep a positive mindset; always remind yourself that you’re making progress and that all this hard work will pay off!


  1. Consider your body

If you’re anything like me, it is often more difficult to get up and get moving than it is to slouch around and allow yourself some chill time. Eat three square meals a day, sneak a healthy snack in from time-to-time, and remember to hydrate and that you have plenty of bountiful H2O in your system! Eating right, exercising just 30 minutes a day (even a brisk walk is extremely beneficial to your heart and blood circulation), and keeping hydrated are just a few things you can do to keep your body right and manage time more effectively!


  1. Use technology to be more productive

There are online timers, help centers, advice columns, and grammar checkers (Grammarly) to assist you in all project-related tasks! If you’re running a business, it is important to be able to keep track of your employees so that the day is a productive one! We created ezClocker Time Clock to help you with this task, you can view your employee’s’ clock in status from anywhere at any time! We have GPS built into the app, as well as an easy-to-use and navigate timesheet so you can run your business from anywhere.

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  1. Get a good night sleep.

Sometimes, more often than any of us would like to admit, we stay up for hours on end – all night, even – to work to the bone in order to complete a task. According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults aged 18-64 all need at least 7-9 hours of sleep each night to be at our best! While caffeine and sugary delicacies are beautiful things, you also need sleep. It is important to revert to step one in all aspects of managing your time. Get some sleep, treat your body and brain as it deserves. You have to carry yourself through so much in life, and treating your sleeping patterns as almighty is extremely important.

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  1. Eat right

While this ties into treating your body and mind right, it is important to emphasize that what you eat affects everything about your mind, body, and productivity. During periods where you have a lot on your plate, ensure that you are eating food rich in vitamins and minerals, drinking water and healthy beverages, and avoiding foods, beverages, and other consumable items that will later cause you to feel groggy and unmotivated. Take a holistic approach to your time management, and start within yourself!


  1. Don’t focus on the menial

It is important not to lose focus and harp on menial aspects of your work. Focus on getting things done, manage your time wisely, and allow yourself room for improvement and adjustment. If you focus and concentrate on one menial task, then you risk losing track of everything you’ve worked towards, and nothing’s more hindering to success than not allowing yourself to move forward. Focus on your concentration, look at the bigger picture, and work hard!


  1. Try to keep off of your phone

My phone is my kryptonite. I do, indeed, live off of my phone, and it provides anything and everything my little heart desires. While your phone may have important apps and tools to help you manage your time, keep off of it unless entirely necessary! You can lose hours scrolling through twitter, venturing through the obscure parts of YouTube, or even lose entire weeks drooling over BuzzFeed Tasty’s newest creations. Play some music, find your starting place, and make sure that your phone is only being used for fun when you reach a good stopping point or finish working! Don’t be afraid of the reclusive lifestyle for a short while – it helps you to gather your thoughts and separate yourself from distractions! The goal ahead is worth more than the distractions that could hinder your success!


  1. Set a deadline

In the journalism business, deadlines are the be all and end all. Without setting personal deadlines, you may not be on the path you wish, and you may find yourself sifting unorganized and frantic at the last minute.

Again, time management is key to successful timeliness, and you need to be sure you’re spacing your work out so you have time to look back, correct your errors, and give out the work you’re capable of!

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  1. Organize, Organize, Organize!

I have struggled with organization my entire life. For a long time, my room was messy, my backpack was cluttered, and my desk looked like it was going to cave in at any moment! Getting organized is the most important way to save time and stress!

The many ways of organizing consist of keeping a planner, marking your calendars, annoying yourself with reminders, timers and even friends and family to push you through. Make a to-do list, and prioritize! Tasks with similar subject matter should be done at the same time to save time and avoid stress, and you should keep folders, colorful tabs, whatever you need to avoid chaotic work!


Author: Christian Jimenez

Christian is a Public Relations student and freelance writer from Dallas, Texas. He has a passion for traveling, coffee, and all things writing (creative, technical, you name it). His works range from newsworthy topics to self-help blog posts for small businesses. He is currently the content creator for ezClocker.